Mis Virginia 2019 Camille Schrier wiki, relationship, net worth, education

Camille Schrier is preparing for Miss America 2020, but what about her personal life, net worth!

Camille Schrier is a graduate of Virginia Tech and is currently a Doctor of Pharmacy student at Virginia Commonwealth University. In keeping with her passion — and talent, – Schrier’s platform issue for the competition was opioid abuse awareness and drug safety. Well she is not involved in any particular job for her net worth but her only focus is on Miss America 2020 competition with is not far than finger counts.

” I’m more than Virginia Miss. I am Miss Biochemist, Miss Systems Biologist, Miss Future PharmD looking for a career in the pharmaceutical industry, “she said in a release.” Now was the time for me to create a shift of mind about talent by bringing my passion for STEM to the stage. For me, talent is not just a passion, but also an ability that is mastered over years of learning.”

At the end of June, Camille Schrier was crowned Miss Virginia 2019, and the 24-year-old biochemist showed what she does best for the talent portion of the competition: science.

What does Camille say about herself? What else she do besides Miss America 2020?

Representing the Miss America Organization of the Commonwealth of Virginia and competing for Miss America 2020. I’m going to travel the government, speak at events and support my social impact program Mind your Meds, which aims to promote drug safety and prevention of violence. I’m excited to visit state-wide elementary schools and perform my winning science experiment to encourage kids to pursue STEM fields and empower them to make healthy choices. Furthermore, I will discuss medication errors with caregivers and parents and the opioid epidemic, educating people about the opioid overdose reversal medication naloxone that I am trained to administer.

Miss Virginia 2019 is a very talented lady from her childhood who likes to do chemistry laboratory experiments as well as technology experiments. She is a multi-talented girl who is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of the Commonwealth of Virginia. In the hope of achieving a long-term career in the pharmaceutical industry.

How educated is Camille Schrier?

Camille Schrier studied from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University for the Degree of Dual Bachelor’s Degrees Field of Study B.S. Systems Biology, B.S. Biochemistry; Minor: Chemistry Grade GPA 3.55 from 2015 to 2018. And from 2018, she is pursuing Doctor of Pharmacy- PharmD at Virginia Commonwealth University, which will complete in 2023. 

The relationship status of Camille

Miss Virginia 2019, Camille Schrier is in relationship, is she has boyfriend?
Miss Virginia 2019, Camille Schrier

The 24 years old, Schrier is focusing on her flip flop carrier. She is pursuing Doctorate and another side, she is getting ready for Miss America 2020. Well, the matter with her personal life and relationship, she is happy to be single now. Camille is growing her career in a huge upward direction and seems like no interest to grow huge net worth for future.

The net worth of Miss Virginia 2019, Camille Schrier

Camille is still perusing a doctorate and she doesn’t have any job currently because she is focusing on Miss America. Well after winning the title Miss Virginia 2019, she got $22000 as a scholarship and in total Schrier won $75,000 as the prize for the title. As she said,

Camille net worth, tours,
Camille Schrier net worth and tour

“I won almost $22,000 of scholarship money to put toward my graduate education.

“It’s so much more than the quote-unquote ‘beauty pageant’ that it used to be. We’ve gone away from judging women on their physical characteristics, that’s no longer anywhere in the judging criteria. We’ve removed swimsuit and we’re focused on women’s careers.”


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