Putin's daughter Katerina Tikhonova's net worth after her divorce.

How rich is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s youngest daughter Katerina Tikhonova?

Katerina Tikhonova aka Yekaterina Vladimirovna Putina, who is 33 years old by 2019, is widely believed to be the younger daughter of Putin. Although this has not confirmed or denied by the president. The foundation of Tikhonova operating under the brand Innopraktika has a board of powerful tycoons and allies of Putin. So, how much Katerina Tikhonova’s net worth can estimated?

How rich is Russian President Vladimir Putin's youngest daughter Katerina Tikhonova after her divorce in 2018 with her ex-husband Kirill Nikolayevich Shamalov? Let's find Tikhonova's net worth.
Katerina Tikhonova . Credit: rferl.org

A foundation run by the alleged daughter of President Vladimir Putin received a record 488 million rubles ($7.6 million) last year, published Wednesday on the Open Media news website.

According to figures and corporate data reported by Open Media, Innopraktika’s earnings ballooned by 65 percent from 296 million rubles ($4.6 million) in 2017 to 488 million rubles ($7.7 million).

The spokesman for Innopraktika told the outlet that works on more than 30 contracts worth more than 400 million rubles carried out in 2018. In 2017, 36 contracts worth more than 300 million rubles reportedly carried out by Innopraktika.

But before that, who is Katerina Tikhonova is? What is her age? How she get name from Putin?

Tikhonova dropped the surname of Putin and took the surname of her mother’s maternal grandmother, Yekaterina Tikhonovna Shkrebneva.

Taking name  from father, Katerina
Name from Father, Putin. Credit: Dailyexpress

Katerina Tikhonova, 33, defended her Ph.D. thesis at Moscow State University (MGU) on Friday in front of a panel of academics. To develop engineering, she researched theoretical mechanics that could help astronauts maintain their equilibrium in shifting gravity.

In 2013, Tikhonova married RossiyaBank’s co-owner Kirill Shamalov, Nikolay Shamalov’s son. He is also vice president of the Moscow-based Sibur Holding, a Russian gas processing and Petrochemicals Company.

Shamlov was the first billionaire in Russia. According to analysts with Raiffeisen bank at the end of 2017, his holdings with Sibur estimated to be worth $12-14 billion.

 The Russian government owns 38% of the gas company’s shares. Tikhonova and Shamalov separated in January 2018. He reportedly lost 50% of his fortune as a’ punishment’ for this split in January 2018. Which included on Katerina Tikhonova’s net worth which can only be estimated by 2019.


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