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Terms and Conditions

The services in HollywoodsMagazine referred to as the use of and access to various entertainment-related subjects. Thus the terms of services reflect the rules and regulations governing the use and access of the content in HollywoodsMagazine.

Legal Agreement between Visitors and HollywoodsMagazine

HollywoodsMagazine has used your information within the bounds of policy as mentioned in the privacy policy page, whereas the viewers can use the services as mention in the service section.

Viewers can comment on the articles, but HollywoodsMagazine reserves the right to publish or delete your comments according to the rights to visitors.

HollywoodsMagazine users should not violate any rules and regulations laid down and formulated under the Special Service. Act of the State and, if found guilty of a violation of the law as mentioned earlier, they shall be responsible for the punishment of fines laid down by the rule of the state.

Google Services

The advertising requirements of Google may summarize in the advertising principles of Google. They are set up to provide users with a positive experience.

We have enabled Google AdSense on our site and may use other advertisements as per their reliability and user’s ease.

Modification of these Terms of Service

HollywoodsMagazine will reserve all right to amend the terms of services and thus will be not accountable for the viewers to change the terms of services.


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