CEO of Gohypersocial Braden Wallake net worth, wife, salary, wiki

CEO of Gohypersocial Braden Wallake net worth, wife, salary, wiki

Braden Wallake, the CEO of Gohypersocial, was criticized on social media after he posted a photo of himself crying as he announced layoffs. Braden sobbed selfie took over the internet by a storm. Continue reading to discover more about the whole thing that transpired on LinkedIn. Scroll down to know more about Braden Wallake net worth, wife, salary, wiki and more:

Braden Wallake net worth and salary: How much does he make from his career?

The CEO of Gohypersocial, Braden Wallake, is thought to have a net worth of about $1 million. However, it could be more or less as he hasn’t disclosed his real online income. He does not, however, work for just one. He also serves as Gohypersocial CEO.

Many respondents, he said, have asked what his pay and worth is. Wallake said that people don’t realize that he started Gohypersocial from scratch in 2019 and for the first 18 months, he didn’t take a salary. For the last year, he has taken a $250 a week salary because he wanted to put “my employees first.”

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Additionally, he is highly active on his social media accounts. He has around 36.6K followers on Instagram under the handle @wallakebraden. There, he writes both about his professional and personal lives.

Who is Wallake wife?

Braden Wallake is no longer looking for love. His wife name is Emily Chucta. On the social media site Instagram, Braden occasionally posts updates regarding his personal and professional lives. The pair celebrated their fourth anniversary in April of this year, according to his Instagram. He then uploaded a number of images of himself and Emily with a heartwarming captioned:

“Happy 4 year anniversary to this woman. You went from the crazy awesome girl I met on Bumble to my best friend and business partner. You’re my favorite travel buddy and the best dog mom to Roscoe I could ever ask for,” Wallake captioned the post.

Braden further added, “4 years and you haven’t murdered me yet. That’s a testimony to your never-ending patience and love. You are the freaking best.”

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Selfie of The CEO Braden Wallake crying

Gohypersocial CEO Braden Wallake received negative feedback on social media after posting a selfie of himself sobbing while firing workers. Marketing firm Gohypersocial is situated in Ohio. Wallake posted a picture along with a detailed justification for the layoffs. According to the company’s LinkedIn page, Gohypersocial was established in 2019 and once employed up to 50 people.

Braden Wallake crying
Braden Wallake crying sources:Washingtonpost

In a lengthy article on LinkedIn, Wallake declared his plan to fire the staff of The New York Post and detailed how challenging the situation was for him to handle. Many people thought the image was a Wallake marketing trick as it soon spread to numerous other social networking sites.

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Braden posted a crying selfie while announcing layoffs

On Tuesday, Braden took to LinkedIn to share a guilt-filled post about firing his employees. He concluded his post with a teary-eyed selfie of himself. As of now, it is not clear how many employees were fired by the CEO of the marketing firm Gohypersocial.

Wallake wrote, “This will be the most vulnerable thing I’ll ever share. I’ve gone back and forth whether to post this or not. We just had to layoff a few of our employees.” He went on to say that dismissals were a result of his own fault. He stated it all happened due to a decision that he made in February this year.

Gohypersocial CEO further added, “I made a decision in February and stuck with that decision for far too long. Now, I know my team will say that ‘we made that decision together,’ but I lead us into it. And because of those failings, I had to do today, the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do.”

Braden continued, “We’ve always been a people first business. And we always will be. Days like today, I wish I was a business owner that was only money driven and didn’t care about who he hurt along the way. But I’m not. I’m sure there are hundreds and thousands of others like me.”

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He also said, “The ones you don’t see talked about. Because they didn’t lay off 50 or 500 or 5000 employees. They laid off 1 or 2 or 3. 1 or 2 or 3 that would still be here if better decisions had been made. I know it isn’t professional to tell my employees that I love them. But from the bottom of my heart, I hope they know how much I do.”

Wallake penned, “Every single one. Every single story. Every single thing that makes them smile and every single thing that makes them cry. Their families. Yours friends. Their hobbies. I’ve always hired people based on who they are as people. People with great hearts, and great souls. And I can’t think of a lower moment than this.”


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