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Molly Ringwald married twice, but why she struggled on both?

Molly Ringwald was a mouseketeer on The New Mickey Mouse Club and she was cast in Sixteen Candles by director John Hughes in 1984. The movie was a huge success and Hughes followed up with another two teen movies featuring her. She played on Broadway in recent years in “Cabaret” and “Enchanted April,” as well as in numerous TV roles.

Molly Ringwald husband: She fell in love with the French writer when she was facing lower popularity in US. After the first divorce, she again married with other gentleman.

Divorce: Something went wrong with husband Valery Lameignvere and filed for divorce within 3 years of their wedding.

Molly Ringwald pregnant : Ringwald and her husband Panio Gianopoulos, have three children.

Ringwald was born to parents Adele and Bob Ringwald in Roseville, California, on 18 February 1968 to Molly Kathleen Ringwald. Adele worked as a pastry-chef while the blind jazz musician Bob served as Great Pacific Jazz-Band’s frontman and banjo player. Of three sisters, Molly was the youngest.

Relationship in France, Molly Ringwald husband

In his 1987 film, Some Kind of Wonderful, as well as leading roles in the blockbuster hits, Pretty Woman (1990), and Ghost (1990), the actress turned down Hughes’ offer of a leading role. In 1992, Ringwald chose to leave the United States for Paris , France, following a string of disappointing movies and television appearances without Hughes. molly worked on French-language movies and theater productions for many years. She agreed to abandon Paris, France, for the United States. Ringwald had met French writer Valery Lameignvère during this period.

Ex-husband of Molly, Valery Lameignvère
Ex-husband of Molly, Valery Lameignvère

The pair married on 28 July 1999. However their relationship was short-lived, and after just three years of marriage they divorced in 2002.

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files for divorce from French novelist husband; blames “cruel and inhuman treatment”

She met Lameignère and decided to live happily ever after in France after an eight-year engagement.

In July 1999 the pair made it official in a ceremony at the family cabin of the groom in Arcachon’s seaside village of Bordeaux. As described by InStyle, Ringwald floated across a bay to the flower-laden, paper-lantern-lit ceremony aboard a local boat amid cheers of friends, family and locals.

Ringwald said she is leaving her French author hubby Valery Lameignère on account of “cruel and inhumane treatment,” according to a post on ET Online.

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According to the Website, the 34-year-old redhead appears to want to end her marriage quickly and wave au revoir to Lameignère, seeking no alimony, financial settlement or possessions from their home in Bordeaux , France.

After married, Molly is still together with her loving husband Panio?

’80s sensation Molly Ringwald cherished her holiday time with author husband Panio Gianopoulos in Greece.

Before their new books were released, the couple, who married in 2007, took time out; Ringwald’s first dive into fiction, When It Happens to You; and Gianopoulos’ novel, A Family Beast. They have one daughter, Mathilda Ereni, and twins, Georgiana Adele and Stylianos Roman.

Molly Ringwald married to the Greek-American writer Panio Gianopoulos, but faced stress. She disclosed how she had challenged her Greek in-laws by naming her first child after the mother of her husband.

“I’m seven years younger than her, so of course I knew her and had a slight crush,” Panio Gianopoulos told a couple of reporters on the red carpet of Ringwald’s new movie “King Cobra” on Saturday. “But I was little, I was like ten. I have a big crush on her now!”

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Ringwald and her husband, Panio Gianopoulos, currently have three children; Mathilda, 19, and twins Adele and Roman, 13. Molly Ringwald may have been an 80s teen icon, but she admits she feels as confused and helpless as most parents when it comes to raising a child.

Molly Ringwald children
Molly Ringwald three children and husband (complete family)

“I thought I would’ve had a little bit more edge or info or intel or something. But I feel like I’m very often just as confused and perplexed as anyone else,” she told HuffPost.

“I think it’s a lot harder to be a teenager today. I feel like all of the insecurities, the highs and lows, the way that teenagers feel is the same. But there are so many other aspects that aggravate their lives,” she explained.

They still partake of her joy in acting. Ringwald noted that both of her daughters said they wanted to pursue careers in the acting and that all three children had done some modeling. Not all of them have seen the biggest movies their mom has ever seen.

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Why Molly was frustrated for her kids name with her husband’s mother?

The actress, who has three-children with Panio Gianopoulos and married in 2007, adds that she loves “the mother of my husband”. But that she feels that “choosing a name for my child should be one of the motherhood’s inalienable rights.”

Molly Ringwald cried for her kids name

Eventually, the couple settled and called their daughter-Mathilda Ereni-who was born in October 2003. Yet Ringwald admits things came to a head when, during their annual trips to Greece, her in-laws started to refer to her child as Ereni. “I would really have had it one day, I burst into tears, crying out my anger … “Can’t they understand that’s vital to me? “Paino eventually explained the situation to his mom but Ringwald says she was amazed when she heard her little girl introduce herself to her Greek playmates as Ereni. “I realized the obvious at that moment: our kids are not only gaining from the love we give them, but also the love they get from everyone else,” she says.


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