Jason Gedrick wife and got divorced.. Jason dated other actresses.

Let’s talk about Jason Gedrick’s marital life and his kids

American actor Jason Gedrick known for his work on numerous television shows like ‘Boomtown’ and ‘Dexter’ as well as movies like ‘Iron Eagle’ and ‘Born on the Fourth of July.’ The stunning actor once was a married man. In 1989 he married his lifelong partner Dana Lavas. At the time they were really passionate about one another. Who is Jason Gedrick wife now?

Gedrick ups and downs in different relations

Jason Gedrick family
Jason Gedrickwith his kids

They had three kids together named Garrett Gedrick, Ty Gedrick and Jian Gedrick. Upon their marriage they remained together for eight years, until they divorced in 1997. Gedrick had previously engaged in a variety of relationships. In 1986 he dated the stunning actress Daphne Zuniga but their relationship did not last for long. He started dating yet another actress Tracy Scoggins the next year. They have also split after spending a year together. After divorce with his wife, he’s never disclosed his relationship status.

No news has come out of Jason dating someone after breaking up with Dana. He never dated anyone and he has never married for the second time, according to the papers. According to the internet, his current connection status is unknown.

Jason Gedrick’s wife Dana and their kids

Jason Gedrick wife
Jason Gedrick with wife Dana Lavas

The “Iron Eagle” actor was in espousal life with a non-celeb Dana Lavas. The two tied the knot in the presence of their families, friends, and relatives in 1989.

During the time of their marriage, Jason Gedrick wife gave birth to three sons’ Oldest Jian Gedrick (Born in 1991), Garett Gedrick (Born in 1994), and youngest Ty Gedrick (Born in 1995). However, after only two years of the birth of their youngest kid, Gedrick divorced with his partner in 1997. They lived as husband and wife for only eight years.

Since then, the 1.80 meters tall man has not been in any relationship link-ups with anyone.


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