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How much we know José Manuel Poga, the character (Gandia) from Money Heist???

José Manuel Poga is a Spanish actor in his 40s. He is best known for starring in various plays including the “Money Heist” Netflix series additionally, this gained him the nickname of “clown” from the series, and is currently known as Cesar Gandia. Let’s read about José Manuel Poga wiki/bio. How he came up as a Netflix star?

José Manuel Poga as Gandia in Netflix series Money Heist

José Manuel is a Spanish actor in the cinema, theater, and Screen. Established in Category 7 (2012), Light with Time Inside (2015) and La Casa de Papel (2019). He made his 2007 debut in La que avecina and in 2011, with Un mundo squared, he made it to the cinema. Shortly after that he obtained appreciation with Group 7. He’s also played suspicion in Bajo, Víctor Ros, Fugitiva and Oro. He played Gandía at La Casa de Papel since 2019.

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Let’s talk a bit about Cesar Gandia from Money Heist?

Cesar Gandía is a character from La Casa de Papel (Money Heist), a Spanish Netflix series. He, along with Colonel Tamayo and Alicia Sierra, acts as one of the central antagonists of Part 4. Portuguese actor José Manuel Poga plays him.

He is a former commando of GOE Black Ops, which participated in several missions and massacres. In the series he was dedicated to the cruel imperialist government of Spain, murdering countless civilians. Proof is that his activities are on no documents at all.

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Childhood of José Poga

The 182.8 cm tall José Manuel was born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1980. He studied at the Asta Regia institute and from an early age he was inclined towards the arts, particularly comedy and acting. There is no any information about his family and siblings yet. He would have participated in the occasional student play during those years. It wasn’t until he began college (he studied Public Administration and Management) that he wanted to continue to act. He resigned from the administration and started studying at the private school of Viento Sur, situated in Seville.

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Poga started his career from local street

According to José Manuel Poga wiki, he made his first steps in Seville area. He worked in the road, on stage and even went so far as to make some short films. It should be noted that the name “Poga” came from his job as a comedian and clown around that time.

José Manuel Poga wiki
José Manuel Poga: Source: La Casa de Papel – Hypnoweb

It finally entered television in 2007. He made his first appearance in La que se avecina as a police officer. He then intervened in Arrayan (2010) and made the jump to the big screen in 2011, playing a doctor at A Square Country.

Acting career of José Manuel Poga

A year later, thanks to his work in Group 7 (2012) by Alberto Rodríguez and Miel de naranjas (2012), by Imanol Uribe, Poga will be seen as the latest hope for Spanish cinema. These two large-scale projects had his career catapulted. He then shared credits, among others, with Inma Cuesta, Mario Casas, Julián Villagrán, Blanca Suárez and Karra Elejalde.

José Manuel Poga bio, career, movies
José Manuel Poga

It was later seen in El Niño (2014), by Daniel Monzón, The Light With Time In (2015), by Teresa Calo, and by Fernando González Molina, Palmeras en la Nieve (2015). He returned to tevé the same year, playing Roque in Aqui Paz and later in Gloria (2015). The next year it will be Marcos Lara in Bajo doubt (2016) and Víctor Ross in El Estepeño (2016). He’d also shared roles in film with José Sacristán and Luis Tosar in Toro (2016), a criminal movie by Kike Maíllo.

He later played the enigmatic soldier William Martin in The Ministry of Time (2017) and published Oro (2017), with Óscar Jaenada, a film about the legend of El Dorado. It was later seen in The Epidemic, Fugitive and Giants series.


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