What is Susan Iger net worth: (First former wife of Bob Iger, Disney's CEO)

What is Susan Iger net worth: First former wife of Bob Iger, Disney’s CEO

Susan Iger is an American freelance television producer with decades of experience in the news industry. She has so much experience with production work that it’s crazy that she can handle the endless news reports from all over the world. Susan Iger shot to fame after marrying Robert Iger aka Bob Iger, a well-known American businessman. The Walt Disney Company’s chairman is Robert Iger. So, how much does Disney’s CEO earn every year? And how much money does Susan Iger have? To learn more about Bob Iger’s ex-wife Susan Iger net worth, salary, earnings, and income, scroll down:

Susan Iger net worth, income, earnings: How much the beautiful lady earned from her content-creating career?

Susan Iger net worth
consultant producer for CUNY TV Susan Iger Source: married celeb

Susan has a successful career as a content creator, despite being well-known in the media because of her ex-husband. She must have made a good amount of money by making incredible content. According to some sources, Susan Iger net worth projected fortune is $30 million as of 2021. Since 2012, Iger has worked as a consultant producer for CUNY TV, a non-commercial television station located in New York City.

She currently receives $67,372 on average, with a percentile range of $57,502 to $77,243, which is equivalent to a CUNY TV producer. She is unlikely to face financial difficulties as the ex-wife of one of the world’s richest millionaires.

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Her Former Husband Robert Iger, Hefty Net Worth

As of 2021, Susan’s ex-husband, Bob, is the CEO and executive chair of The Walt Disney Company, with a net worth of $690 million. In 2019, he received $47.5 million from Disney, which is less than the $65.6 million he received in 2016. His 1.08 million Disney shares were worth $130 million at the time. However, since his retirement, he has been receiving a gross compensation of $40 to $50 million, which includes his base pay, bonuses, and stock grants.
According to reports, he received $44.9 million in annual salary in 2015.

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According to a Forbes survey, he received $3 million in compensation that year, plus a $21.8 million bonus. He also received $19.6 million in stock bonuses and options, taking his overall earnings for the year to $47.5 million.

How Did Susan Ex-Husband Become A Multimillionaire?

Robert, her husband and the current CEO of Disney, began his career as a local TV weatherman. He began his career at the American Broadcasting Company and later rose through the ranks to become the COO of Capital Cities/ABC. Robert’s path to become a multimillionaire began when he became President of Walt Disney in 1999.

He used his outstanding negotiating skills to help the company buy Pixar for $7.4 billion in 2006, Lucasfilm for $4.06 billion in 2012, Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion in 2009, and 21st Century Fox for $71.3 billion in 2019. He was paid more than any other employee in the organization because of his efforts and proper job execution. The company’s sales and market capitalization value increased under his leadership.

Over a 13-year period, the market capitalization grew from $48.4 billion to $257 billion. He previously owned a house with four bedrooms and five bathrooms that was built on a 4500 square foot lot. The property was listed for $18.75 million.

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What has happened to their relationship? Is Susan Iger still married to Bob?

Susan Iger ex-husband
Susan Iger with ex-husband Bob Iger Source: married celebs

It’s still unclear when and how Susan and Bob’s relationship began. They seem to have fallen in love and married after becoming friends. Despite not publicly announcing their engagement, the couple undoubtedly married in a lavish and private ceremony. Initially, the couple’s marriage was going well, but issues arose later in their relationship.

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In addition, she and her husband have two children. Kate Iger and Amanda Iger are the names of their two children. The children of the former couple are now adults who have begun to live their own lives. The celebrity daughters maintain a low profile. Unfortunately, Susan and Bob’s marriage ended in 1994, with no mention of the reason for their split.
Susan and Bob, who were a lovely couple, came to an agreement about their split. They reached an agreement on the custody of their two lovely children as part of their divorce settlement. Susan is now residing in the greater New York City area after her divorce.

Quick Facts about Susan Iger

Full Real Name Kathleen Susan Iger
Age (as of 2021)74 years old 
Place of BirthRoselle, New Jersey
ProfessionConsulting producer Cunny TV
Net worth$30 million
SpouseBob Iger
Zodiac SignTaurus
School/CollegeAmerican University, Washington, D.C

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