The German singer Nino de Angelo wife, relationship and net worth

The German singer Nino de Angelo wife, relationship and net worth

Nino De Angelo is a German singer of Italian origin best known for his 1983 hit “Jenseits von Eden” and his participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 1989 with the song “Flieger” written by Dieter Bohlen and Joachim Horn-Bernges. With “Guardian Angel” he had a small hit on the UK Singles Chart in 1984. Continue reading to learn more about Nino De Angelo wife, relationship, net worth, and earnings.

Who is Nino De Angelo wife?

De Angelo has three marriages under his belt. Nino De Angelo married Judith Gorgoglione for the first time in 1986, however the couple divorced in 2000. He married Michaela Gorgoglione in 2003, and the couple divorced in 2006. Nino later married Renée Gorgoglione in 2007, however the couple split in 2013 after only a few years of marriage. He appears to be particularly unlucky in love, since he also appears to have a misunderstanding with everyone of their spouses, According to Nino De Angelo wife.

Nino De Angelo
Nino De Angelo is enjoying with his family Source: Instagram

From his marriage to Judith Gorgoglione, he has two children: Louisa-Marie Gorgoglione, born on March 9, 1988, and Luca Leon Gorgoglione, born on August 1, 1991. He is also a naturally private person, as evidenced by the fact that he has not divulged the reasons for his divorces. He updates about his passion, job, and daily routines on his Facebook page, updating readers about his forthcoming tour dates and studio progress, as well as offering them the occasional giveaway, but he has not stated anything about his relationship.

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How did De Angelo start his professional career?

With “Guardian Angel” he had a small hit on the UK Singles Chart in 1984. Drafi Deutscher wrote the song, which was originally recorded in German. It was titled “Jenseits von Eden” and spent 10 weeks at the top of the German chart in 1983, while an Italian version spent five weeks at the top of the French chart.

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De Angelo performed a song called “Olympic Dreams” from their “We See the Same Sun” album with German band Mr. President. In 1989, he competed in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Flieger” finishing 14th with 46 points after performing 21st on the night. Die rzte, a German punk band, covered the song “Jenseits Von Eden” on their 1986 self-titled album.

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How much is his net worth?

De Angelo’s estimated net worth is $2 million. His whole net worth is the result of his singing career. He is a humble man who avoids drawing attention to himself by exhibiting his money in public. Despite the fact that Angelo has earned significant money as a result of his singing career, we’d want to inform our viewers that his net worth is now being examined. Angelo made money through a variety of sources. He has two accounts on social media. His favorite social media channels are Twitter and Instagram. He has a large number of Instagram followers and profits from them.

Nino De Angelo net worth
Nino De Angelo is with his beautiful car Source: Instagram

De Angelo has appeared on a number of popular talk shows, melting the hearts of viewers with his attractiveness and earning a substantial sum of money as his renown develops with each season of the show. We only have this information on his social media sites. We pledge to keep you updated on this site and alert you if he joins any other social media platform.

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