Ruja Ignatova net worth, husband, plastic surgery, latest news 2023

Ruja Ignatova net worth, husband, plastic surgery, latest news 2023

Ruja Plamenova Ignatova, aka Ruja Ignatova, is a Bulgarian-born German citizen and convicted fraudster dubbed the ‘Cryptoqueen,’ reportedly selling her plush Kensington pad after formally claiming ownership of it. She is best known as the founder of the fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme OneCoin, which The New York Times called “one of the biggest scams in history.” Ignatova went missing in 2017 after allegedly participating in a £3.2 billion cryptocurrency scam. She is a happily married woman and mother of a child. Come down to know more about Ruja Ignatova net worth, husband, plastic surgery, latest news 2023, brother, and many more:

How much is the Missing Cryptoqueen Ruja Ignatova net worth and earnings?

Ruja Ignatova net worth
Dubbed the ‘cyptoqueen’ Ignatova is on FBI’s top 10 ‘most wanted’ list Source: Instagram

Ruja Ignatova net worth: Ignatova has always wanted to be wealthy. According to police reports and criminal records, Ruja Ignatova’s net worth is more than $4 billion. Ignatova is on the FBI’s Most Wanted List for the 11th time in 72 years. According to a new theory, Ruja Ignatova, also known as the “Missing Cryptoqueen,” may be hiding from high-seas authorities in the Mediterranean after being on the FBI’s most-wanted list. It is alleged that she has 230,000 BTC worth more than $11 billion and $500 million in a Dubai bank account.

 The alleged fraudster launched OneCoin in 2014, with investors plowing around 4 billion euros ($4.1 billion) into it. But she disappeared – and all the money with her – in 2017. The qualified lawyer and her accomplices from Germany are believed to have stolen 88 million euros ($91.3 million). 

The businesswoman is on the FBI’s top 10 ‘most wanted’ list in connection with the con, with the agency offering a $100,000 (£80,892) reward for information leading to arrest. 

When and How did Ruja Ignatova disappear?

She was convicted of fraud in Germany in 2012 in connection with her and her father, Plamen Ignatov’s acquisition of a company that was soon declared bankrupt under dubious circumstances; she received a 14-month suspended sentence. Ruja was involved with BigCoin, a multi-level marketing scam, in 2013.

She started a Ponzi scheme called OneCoin in 2014. On October 25, 2017, she disappeared after being informed of increased police investigations into OneCoin. Konstantin Ignatov, her brother, pleaded guilty to fraud and money laundering charges in connection with the scheme in 2019.

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In 2022, German police confirmed an investigation into “a lawyer from Neu-Isenburg” for possible money laundering: the transfer of 7.69 million euros into one of Ignatova’s private accounts in 2016. Police searched homes and offices in Weilburg, Baden-Baden, Frankfurt am Main, Bad Homburg, Neu-Isenburg, and Vaihingen in January 2022.

When and where was the fo under of OneCoin Ignatova born? Who are her parents and family? Education

Ruja Plamenova Ignatova was born in Ruse, Bulgaria on May 30, 1980. She is now a stunning 42-year-old lady. Ignatova’s family immigrated to Germany when she was ten years old, and she spent part of her childhood in Schramberg, Baden-Württemberg. Her father was an engineer and her mother was a teacher.

Claims that she may have attended the University of Oxford in England provide no information about the college, course, or date of matriculation. She received her PhD in private international law from the University of Constance in Germany in 2005, with her dissertation Art. 5 Nr. 1 EuGVO – Chancen und Perspektiven der Reform des Gerichtsstands am Erfüllungsort, which discusses lex causae in conflict of laws. She is also said to have worked for McKinsey & Company.

Where is her brother Konstantin?

Konstantin Ignatov, Ignatova’s brother, was arrested in March 2019 at Los Angeles International Airport. He’d traveled to the United States on business and was about to board his flight back to Bulgaria when five large men in suits handcuffed him and led him to an interrogation room, where they grilled him about his missing sister.

Who is Ruja Ignatova husband daughter? Where are they?

Ignatova married a German lawyer Bjorn Strehl and had a daughter with him in 2016. Despite being tied to OneCoin’s fraudulent activities, Streh, till now, has managed to remain in the shadows.

 Ignatova received a scholarship to Konstanz University in Germany, where she met and married a fellow law student. Strehl is suspected of profiting financially from OneCoin’s Ponzi scheme. He has managed to stay out of jail so far. Strehl’s role in OneCoin is finally getting to him.

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What happened to Ignatova’s marriage is unknown. The daughter, we were informed, might be in Frankfurt.

However, the FBI stated that she discovered OneCoin was being investigated after she bugged her American boyfriend’s apartment and discovered he was cooperating with a federal investigation into her company’s practices.

How long has Ruja Ignatova been missing?

That was in June 2016, when cryptocurrency was still a new buzzword, and investors scrambled to get in on the action. Ignatova dubbed herself the “Cryptoqueen,” and her company, OneCoin, positioned itself as a good rival to Bitcoin in the burgeoning cryptocurrency market. Since 2020, investigators from the State Criminal Police Office of North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) have been attempting in vain to locate her.

Since her disappearance in October 2017, Ignatova’s image has appeared on the FBI website and in major news outlets worldwide. She is also one of Europe’s most wanted fugitives.

When was Ruja last seen?

It is believed Ignatova stayed at the flat briefly in 2016 but has remained largely empty since then, with the I newspaper claiming it was occasionally visited by Ignatova’s brother Konstantin and Sebastian Greenwood, OneCoin’s co-founder. Both have pleaded guilty to fraud and money laundering charges in the US.   

Ignatova was last seen publicly in 2017 after arriving incognito on the 7 am Ryanair flight to Athens from Sofia, Bulgaria. She’s now one of the world’s most wanted fugitives.

Has Ignatova been plastic surgery?

Ignatova, born in Bulgaria, is only the 11th woman to appear on the FBI’s most-wanted list in its 72-year history. She is also wanted in Germany under an Interpol Red Notice, which warns that she may have surgically altered her appearance to avoid capture. Ignatova, 42, is thought to have had plastic surgery to change her appearance, as well as dyeing her dark hair blonde and losing weight.

Where is Dr. Ruja Ignatova now? Is the missing Cryptoqueen coming back? Latest news 2023

She is the subject of the 2019 BBC podcast series The Missing Cryptoqueen and the 2022 book of the same name. The Ponzi scheme could face a prison sentence of up to 90 years. A previous case resulted in a suspended sentence of 16 months. Since 2017, Ignatova has been on the run from various international law enforcement agencies.

Ignatova’s current whereabouts are unknown. Authorities believe she may travel with a forged German passport to the United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Russia, Germany, Greece, or Eastern Europe after undergoing plastic surgery to alter her appearance.


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