Ted Budd net worth: How did he make his wealth notable? Details about wife, daughter, election

Ted Budd net worth: How did he make his wealth notable? Details about wife, daughter, election

Theodore Paul Budd has represented North Carolina’s 13th congressional district in the U.S. Congress as a politician and businessman since 2017. His constituency, which includes the north-central region of the state, is Republican-controlled. In the race to succeed retiring Republican senator Richard Burr in the U.S. Senate in North Carolina in 2022, Budd was the party’s nominee. He defeated Democrat Cheri Beasley in the 2022 election, and he will begin serving as president the following year. He is a married man in addition to his career. Describe his wife. To find out more about Ted Budd net worth, wife, children, religion, education, and other details, scroll down.

How much is Ted Budd Net worth/salary? How did he make his wealth huge?

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Ted Budd has a $5 million net worth. He is one of the wealthiest and most well-liked politicians. from North Carolina. He, a Republican, represents North Carolina’s 13th congressional district in the US House of Representatives. Ted Budd makes about $174,000 a year in salary. He began serving on January 3, 2017. His term as governor will expire on January 3, 2023.

Ted Budd won his primary with 20% of the vote thanks to the Club for Growth, which contributed more than $285,000 to his campaign. In the general election, Ted Budd ran against Bruce Davis, a former Guilford County Commissioner. With 56% of the vote, Ted Budd won the election. Inauguration day for Ted Budd was January 3, 2017.

The $10 million loan from the Budd family to AgriBioTech was paid back with interest totaling more than $25,000. Later, the business filed for bankruptcy.

U.S. representative Budd endorsement which helps to increase his earnings

Tedd was recently endorse by former President Donald J. Trump. Trump said, “This gentleman is going to be your next Senator, someone you’ll be very proud of. He’ll fight like hell. I’m giving him my complete and total endorsement.”

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Besides Donald J. Trump, Nikki Haley also endorsed him, saying, “North Carolinians are sick of out-of-control spending, rising crime, and a government that wants to control them. That’s why I’m supporting Ted Budd. He’s a pro-freedom, pro-law enforcement, pro-parent, small business owner who understands the best government is one that gets out of the way.”

Other than these, Ted also received endorsements from North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson, Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Congressman Jim Jordan, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, and the Organization of Gun Owners of America.

Ted Budd net worth
Ted Budd has represented North Carolina’s 13th congressional district in the U.S sources: nbcnews

Ted Budd, a Republican, defeats Cheri Beasley, a Democrat, to win the North Carolina Senate seat

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Sen. Richard Burr’s retirement left a seat open in North Carolina, and Republican Rep. Ted Budd won the election to fill it. The first Black woman to serve as chief justice of the state’s Supreme Court, Cheri Beasley, was defeat by Budd, a Democrat.

Before former President Donald Trump entered the campaign and supported Budd over former Governor Pat McCrory in the primary last June, Budd was a relatively obscure congressman. The endorsement caught everyone off guard, but it gave Budd an advantage over the other key contenders—especially given how far behind he had fallen in fundraising.

Who is Ted Budd wife Amy Kate Adams? When did he meet his wife? Children-daughter

On a mission to the Soviet Union in 1991, Budd first met his wife, Amy Kate Adams. They got hitched in 1994. When they saw each other again in the United States, he asked her out to ride motorcycles and the rest is history. They still enjoy mission trips and continue to serve in their church. They have three kids together. 

On the property where Budd was grown, the Budds now reside in Davie County. Budd homeschools his children and helps lead his son’s Boy Scout group as an assistant scoutmaster.

Once he tweet: Proud of my daughter Kathryn. This week she completed her Stars & Stripes Level Award project for American Heritage Girls and I enjoyed helping out. It was a 100 hour plus service project that will benefit YMCA @CampHanes in King, NC.

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Ted Budd biography: age, parents, siblings, education, and nationality

In North Carolina’s Winston-Salem, Ted Budd was born in 1971. When Ted was a small boy, the family moved to Davie County, which is outside of Advance, where his dad ran a facility-services company.

After graduating from Davie County High School in 1990, Budd enrolled at Appalachian State University and eventually graduated with a business degree. The Wake Forest University School of Business is where he earned his master’s in business administration.


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