Princess Mako marriage: Prince Kei Komuro gets green signal but,

Princess Mako marriage: Prince Kei Komuro gets green signal but,

Princess Mako, one of the Internet idols, was born at the Imperial Household Agency Hospital in Tokyo Imperial Palace in Chiyoda, Tokyo, on 23 October 1991. She is Emperor Akihito’s eldest grandchild and Empress Michiko, and Fumihito and Kiko’s first and oldest child. She grew up with her younger sister Kako and brother Hisahito.  But what will be the net worth of Princess Mako after wedding?

princess mako of akishino education

She went to her primary school at Gakushuin School, which is a girl’s junior and senior high school. After an informal discussion with the President of Ireland, Mary Mcaleese, as a trainee, she visited Northern Ireland. She studied English at University College Dublin and on 26 March 2014, earned a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Heritage Culture from the International Christian University in Mitaka, Tokyo. She earned her Master’s degree from the University of Leicester, USA, in Museum Studies.

Mako’s Personal Life

personal life of Princess Mako
Princess Mako on wearing crown. Source: The Guardian

In August 2006, for about two weeks during which she visited the museums, she visited Vienna, Austria on a school-sponsored homestay program. She attended her first official event, the Ise Shrine religious ceremony. Princess Mako was awarded the Order of the Princess Crown Grand Cordon on 23 October 2011. After that as an adult member of the Imperial family, she attended several official functions. In the same year, 2011, she served as a volunteer without disclosing her identity in the affected areas of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. She is very involved in volunteer work, since her mother is normally deaf, and she can also communicate in Japanese sign language. Princess Mako became the project researcher at the museum of the University of Tokyo’s museum on 1 April.  

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princess Mako fiance is also her college boyfriend

In 2017, when Princess Mako of Japan became engaged to her college boyfriend, many Japanese wished for the pair to have a fairy-tale marriage.

Originally, the pair, both 29, were scheduled to marry in 2018, but after Japanese tabloids caught wind of money issues in Mr. Komuro’s family, the date was pushed back. His mother had been embroiled in a dispute over $36,000 with a former fiancé of hers, some of which was allegedly used for the education of Mr. Komuro.

princess mako fiance Prince kei Komuro

It was revealed on 16 May 2017 that Princess Mako is set to marry a law firm associate, Kei Komuro, who was once a prince himself and was active in tourism promotion at the Shonan beaches in Kanagawa prefecture in 2010. The engagement was announced on 3 September, which was followed by a press conference attended by the pair.

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The press contrasted the involvement of Mako with her paternal aunt, Sayako, Princess Nori, married to Yoshiki Korada, and also having marital relations with the commoners along with the other princess. She will abandon all her royal imperial titles after the marital relationship between Kei Komuro and Princess Mako, and she will be the 8th princess to do so and live as a commoner.

Green signal for the wedding,

Mako’s father, Crown Prince Akishino, gave his blessing to the marriage (princess mako wedding) this week but indicated that the pair, who are both 29, still had to win over a skeptical Japanese public, who will receive the bill for a lump sum when Mako marries and leaves the imperial household.

He said,

“I approve of them getting married,” he said in comments to journalists ahead of his 55th birthday on Monday. “The constitution says that marriage shall be based only on the mutual consent of both sexes. I believe I, as a parent, should respect their intentions if marriage is what they truly want.”

But, he added, the family of Komuro needed to respond “visibly” to the financial problems of his mother, which according to Japanese media, were not resolved two years after a weekly magazine reported them.

She would immediately lose her royal status when Mako marries, and like the daughter of the previous emperor, Sayako Kuroda, live a comparatively “ordinary life with her commoner husband outside the walls of Tokyo’s imperial palace.

What about is prince Kei Komuro?

prince Kei Komuro bio
Prince kei infront of cameras. Source: The world news platform

To obtain a master’s degree, Mr. Komuro went to Fordham Law School in New York, adding a long-distance relationship to the other stresses on the couple.

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Net worth of Princess Mako

At the University of Tokyo Museum, Princess Mako is well known for her biology. She is among those Western Emperor Household celebrities who are prepared to sacrifice her royal name and later marry the shore tourism worker, Kei Komuro, as a commoner.

It is difficult to say the net worth and earnings of a princess who is about to lose her identity from a royal family. But after she married to her fiancé, and then we will be updated with Princess Mako’s net worth.