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Very Few people knows about Comedian celebrity Phil Wang

Phil Wang is of London heritage, but is also of Malaysian descent. Comedian stand-up who is best known as a member of the British comedy sketch show, Daphne.

According to Phil Wang wiki: he received both the 2010 Chortle Student Comedian of the Year Award and the 2011 Funniest Student Award by Comedy Central. He is not a billionaire but Phil Wang net worth is not less than one million.

Phil Wang Wiki, Age, Parents

Philip Nathaniel Sin Goi Wang is a well-known comedian and is 30 years old. He was born in England on 22 January 1990.

Wang had been born to an English mother and a Chinese-Malaysian father in Stoke-on – Trent. One week after his birth, his family returned to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, home town of his father, where his parents first met in 1982. His mother, a qualified archaeologist, had relocated as a volunteer with Overseas Voluntary Service to Malaysia. From Derbyshire, Wang’s maternal grandfather became the manager of a tea estate in Assam, India, where his mother spent part of her childhood.

Phil has two sisters, Anna Wang and Aimee Wang, with whom Phil grew up together in Malaysia. He was taught in Malay, English and Mandarin. He was given GCSEs to Brunei’s Jerudong International School. His family moved back to the UK when he was 16, to Bath, Somerset where his mother was originally from. He attended Kingswood School there.

Phil told to Resonate about his career and history and where he said,

“I was born in Stoke on Trent.  My mother’s English from Stoke. She met my father in Malaysia but I was born here.  After a week of being a baby in Stoke, I flew with them to be a baby in Malaysia and I was a baby there until I w as 16 basically.  A huge baby, a huge very clever baby.  At 16, we came back to the UK when mum got a job in Bath so that became the family home.  I did my A-levels there and subsequently went to university at Cambridge.  When I graduated, I moved to London to pursue my comedy career.”

In places like The Rob Brydon Show, Comedy-Up-Late, and Have-I-Got-News-for-You and About-Tonight, he has also appeared. Phil is one of the famous and trendy face that is popular in other parts of the world as well as being a Comedian not in the UK.

Perfect career at age 30,

Phil wang earlier time
Phil Wang during KG Class.

From Phil Wang wiki, he then studied engineering at King’s College , Cambridge, following his high school, where he also served as president of the Cambridge Footlights. He attended the college’s open auditions and even prepared himself to be the best for college stand up shows. He has been rejected several times but he believes that “refusal is also part of the journey.”

“Cambridge University has its own theatre, the ADC, which is home to all the theatrical societies.  Footlights is only one of them.  So I had to deal with the other committee members and performers.  It was all very democratic.  All the shows are cast from open auditions, even the president has to audition.  I would still have to resume duties ensure the success of the shows even if I had-been rejected from them.  So if nothing else, it was an excellent training ground for rejection, which is the most important skill to have in this line of work.  I don’t know if you’d agree?”

Wang is one of the most entertaining stand-up comedians in the UK, and has performed on shows like Live at the Apollo (BBC2), Have I Got News For You (BBC1), QI (BBC2), Should I Lie to You? (BBC1), 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown (C4), Roast Battle (Comedy Central), Drunk History (Comedy Central), The Great British Bake Off: Extra Slice (C4), Jack Dee “Helpdesk” (BBC2), was a regular Unspun columnist with Matt Forde (DAVE) and appeared as a frequent member throughout series 7 of Taskmaster (DAVE);

He has posted two full-length stand-up shows on his YouTube Channel, which are available to stream online. Wang has reported for The Times, as well.

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Phil Wang Journey from 2017-2020

In 2017, Phil Wang featured in the Pappy’s Flatshare Slamdown and Do The Right Thing podcast show.

career of comedian star phil wang

Phil filmed a 15 minute stand-up special for Netflix as part of The Comedy Lineup in 2018, one of only two non-US acts in the show. And it was also revealed in the same year on 4 July 2018 that Phil will be one of the contestants in Taskmaster’s Series 7. Tasks he won included ‘Make the best noise’ and ‘Most shockingly beautiful things.’

He has also written and appeared on his own Radio 4 show, Wangsplaining, and with his Foster’s Newcomer Award winning comedy trio, Daphne. In two series of Daphne Sounds Expensive for Radio 4.

Phil has appeared at international comedy festivals including the Just for Laughs Festival in Toronto, the Australian Comedy Festival in Melbourne and the New Zealand Comedy Festival. His new critically acclaimed live show, Philly Philly Wang Wang, smashed records at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe, selling out his entire run before the festival even started, and then selling out a final extra-show at Pleasance Grand, a 750-seater. He is currently on his biggest tour of the UK so far.

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Wang currently works on a stand-up comedy show named WangsPlaining for BBC Radio 4. The pilot episode aired on BBC Radio 4 on 19 May 2019.

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How much he is earning and what is the Phil Wang net worth?

Wang is not like other Asian tech hunts who earns a lot of money and keep on earning more and more like gold digger. He brought up himself as a famous face in standup comedy, as we already read from Phil Wang wiki. He was famous in UK for the first few months but the popularity increases, he went on rise and signed different shows.

Phil Wang net worth

Phil Wang net worth is not on millions but somehow maintains the double-digit from his successful career at UK. We can say, as per today, he has maintained a luxury house, branded vehicles and also walked to several tours. Wang must earned at least $2 million as we can see on his Instagram posts.

Whatever the Phil Wang net worth is, he till loves to play video games. He finds some better thing to do on his ideal time.

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He talked with the Resonate that, he faced several racial discrimination too.

Phil never focused on stupid issues which could distract anyone’s mind into anger. He just keep on going what is better for his career.

interview of Phir wang

He said,

“I mean I’ve definitely been on the receiving end of the usual Ching Chong ridicules, the ‘Neehao’ which I don’t mind at least that’s correct. Even if it was a ‘Konichiwa’ I don’t mind so much because I suppose I can’t tell the difference between a German person and a Dutch person by sight.  I just wouldn’t chance it and say ‘Gutentag’.”

Phil also added,

“think it’s been equally beneficial and detrimental.  It cancelled itself out.  On the downside, there are no parts really written for East Asians.  Black artists still have to fight for representation and they have so much more of a cultural hold than East Asians.  Look at the Oscars, where are the East or South Asians nominees?  It is much harder to be an actor though because you have to count on parts being created or wait for a casting director to be open to casting a traditionally white part otherwise.  As a stand-up who makes his own work, I am in a much stronger position because my ethnicity sets me aside.

 I am honest with myself that many of the breaks I’ve enjoyed have been helped by the fact that I am different from middle-class white boys.  If you’re a creative professional, your work is inevitably informed by your life experiences, race and culture.”


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