Meet ispace CEO & Founder Takeshi Hakamada. net worth, bio

Meet ispace CEO & Founder Takeshi Hakamada. net worth, bio

The very talented Takeshi Hakamada is the CEO and founder of iSpace,  a space resource exploration company that locates, extracts, and delivers lunar ice to customers in cis-lunar space. His company is located in Tokyo, Japan. There are more than 10,000 employees in his organization. His life is focused on the exploration of Space technology. Today in this topic, we’ll talk about Takeshi Hakamada net worth, bio, career and many other aspects. Keep scrolling down.

When and Where was Takeshi Hakamada born ? Bio, Parents & Education

Takeshi Hakamada was born on October 24, 1980. Right now, his age is 42. His place of birth was Tokyo, Japan. His nationality is Asian, and he belongs to the Scorpio sun sign. He has not talked about his parents.

Takeshi Hakamada bio
Takeshi Hakamada, CEO & Founder of iSpace

Since his childhood, he has been passionate about the space industry. Growing up with a fascination for Star Wars films, he was intrigued by the emergence of the commercial space industry and the achievements of non-governmental organizations like the Ansari XPRIZE.

Takeshi completed his M.S. in Aerospace Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. After completing his education, he chose the consulting industry, where he conducted successful cost-reduction projects and learned team management.

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Takeshi Hakamada’s journey as a CEO and founder of iSpace – 袴田武史

After completing his education, Takeshi was involved in management consulting and leadership management skills. Since 2010, he has led Team HAKUTO, competing for the Google Lunar XPRIZE.

In 2010, he founded and worked as the CEO of iSpace in Tokyo.

It is a lunar robotic exploration company that creates micro-robotic technology in low-cost and frequent transportation services.

G2 Stack lists 15 technology tools and services used by Ispace Technologies, including HTML5, jQuery, and Google Analytics.

It is BuiltWith, which says Ispace Technologies’ website uses 52 technologies. Viewport Meta, iPhone/Mobile Compatible, and SPF.

The organization has 4 boards of directors and experts, including Tohru Akaura.

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What is the net worth of Takeshi Hakamada? Salary & Career Earnings

Over the course of 9 rounds, Ispace Technologies has raised a total of $174.8M in investment. A Series C round of funding was received by them on October 25, 2021.

Twenty-seven investors are funding Ispace Technologies. The most recent investors are Axiom Asia Private Capital and Airbus Ventures.

Takeshi Hakamada net worth
Takeshi hakamada livestream of HAKUTO-R private lunar Image-TOS

As he is the CEO and founder, he has an outstanding salary & earnings. While talking about his staff earnings and salaries. On average, he is paid ¥6000000 annually, which depends on their position & experience.

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As of 2023, Takeshi Hakamada net worth can be estimated as $45 M.


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