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Who is Liana Leota’s husband? Family life, children

Netball player Liana Leota is from New Zealand. She plays for the Severn Stars in the British Netball Superleague and is a member of the Silver Ferns, the national netball team.Liana Leota was a part of the 2007 Southern Sting team that took home the National Bank Cup. Former Silver Fern netball player She has moved on to become Leeds Rhinos Netball’s director of netball. She committed to the team for three years, giving her long-term perspective to the group. Leota places a high emphasis on continuity and stability to create a long-lasting culture. Scroll down to know more details about  Liana Leota’s husband and family life.

Who is Liana Leota’s husband? When was she married?

she a is a happily married woman and mother of kids. Liana Leota, a talented netball player from New Zealand, is married to Johnny Leota. Johnny Leota is a former professional rugby player from Samoa who played as a center. 

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It was a day to remember when they tied the knot. The beautiful couple’s wedding is set for November of 2010. The couple’s mutual love of athletics brought them together and helped them build a solid relationship.

Liana frequently posts glimpses of their daily lives to Instagram, giving followers a look into their travels and special family times. Their anniversary honors their unwavering devotion to one another and their common life journey by celebrating their unwavering love and support for one another both on and off the field.

On November 22, 2016,  Johnny Leota shared his wedding photos wishing for a marriage anniversary to his beautiful wife Liana Leota with the caption: 6 years ago I was lucky this woman said yes to marrying me. Our first anniversary together thinking we could celebrate it with a dinner for 2 but with a sick baby I guess takeaway dinner for 2 at home with the kids running around us will do. Can’t wait for many more of these to celebrate. Hopefully time soon. Happy Anniversary babe😘

Liana Leota's husband celebrates Anniversary
Liana Leota’s husband celebrates Anniversary sources

How many children do Leota and Johnny Leota have? Their names

Leota and Johnny Leota are blessed with five kids. The couple have five children, Brooklyn, 20, Torres, 10 (their only son), Karney, eight, Frankie, seven, and Mika, five.

 Liana Leota's with her daughter
Liana Leota’s with her daughter sources

Leota and Johnny Leota have one daughter named Brooklyn. The name “Leota” itself is of Native American origin and means “beautiful flower” or “blue flower” according to different interpretations.

How was Leota and Johnny Leota’s married life? Family life

Liana Leota , a renowned netball player from New Zealand, leads a fulfilling married life. She is married to Johnny Leota, a former professional rugby player from Samoa who played as a center. 

Leota and Johnny Leota Family life
Leota and Johnny Leota Family life Sources

Together they have children. Johnny often shares glimpses of his personal life on his Instagram, where he connects with fans and showcases his family moments alongside his career highlights. His Instagram provides a window into his balanced life, balancing professional success with family joy.