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Luke Newton’s girlfriend Antonia Roumelioti: Greek Model Linked to Luke Newton

Luke Newton known for his role as Colin Bridgerton in the popular series “Bridgerton,” has recently been making headlines not only for his on-screen charm but also for his rumoured relationship with Antonia Roumelioti. As detailed in an article on Betches, let’s delve into the intriguing details surrounding Antonia Roumelioti, the Greek model and dancer who has captured the heart of Luke Newton.

Antonia Roumelioti, a 23-year-old Greek beauty, has made waves in the entertainment industry with her talent and grace. A model and dancer by profession, Antonia’s journey in the spotlight began with her appearance on Greece Got Talent in 2017, where she showcased her skills in a mesmerising dance duet alongside a male partner.

Standing at an undisclosed height, Antonia exudes elegance and sophistication, captivating audiences with her poise and charisma. Her professional dance career has seen her collaborate with renowned choreographer Dean Lee, known for his work with icons like Janet Jackson and The Pussycat Dolls, adding to her impressive portfolio.

Luke Newton with close friend
Luke Newton with close friend sources

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Antonia is known for her jet-setting lifestyle, exploring picturesque locales such as Paris, France, and Gran Canaria, Spain. Her adventurous spirit and love for travel mirror her vibrant personality and zest for life.

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The timeline of Antonia Roumelioti and Luke Newton’s relationship traces back to January 2024 when they were first spotted together in Los Angeles, sparking rumours of a blossoming romance. 

Luke Newton's girlfriend Antonia Roumelioti
Luke Newton’s girlfriend Antonia Roumelioti sources

Subsequent sightings and social media posts from the same locations hinted at a deeper connection between the two, culminating in their public appearance holding hands at the Bridgerton part 2 release party in London.

Antonia Roumeliotis magnetic presence and dynamic career trajectory exemplify the allure of the entertainment world, where talent and passion converge to create lasting impressions. As her story intertwines with that of Luke Newton, their journey together promises to be filled with excitement, adventure, and perhaps a touch of stardust.