What is Mo'onia Gerrard doing after retirement? Who is her husband? -

What is Mo’onia Gerrard doing after retirement? Who is her husband?

Netball player Mo’onia Frances Gerrard OAM, originally from Tonga, was formerly an Australian. Her netball career began at a very young age; she would frequently take part in the senior Dee Why Beach Netball Club team training sessions. In the stead of Tonga 42-year-old Mo’onia Gerrard came out of retirement to play netball for Tonga in their first-ever World Cup. In Cape Town, she is competing with the Tonga Tala team against the finest in the world.

Who is Mo’onia Gerrard’s husband Dave Dennis? When they are married?

Mo’onia Gerrard, a former Australian netball player of Tongan descent, is married to Dave Dennis. Dave Dennis is a rugby union player who has captained the Waratahs. 

 Mo'onia Gerrard's husband Dave Dennis
 Mo’onia Gerrard’s husband Dave Dennis Sources

Mo’onia’s focus has predominantly been on her netball career, where she achieved notable success representing Australia internationally. Details about her personal life, including relationships and children, have not been widely documented or shared publicly. But they welcomed their son into the world late last year. 

Therefore, specific information regarding her marital status, wedding date, how she met a spouse or any children she may have remains private or undisclosed in public domains.

What is Mo’onia Gerrard doing after retirement?

After retiring from professional netball, Mo’onia Gerrard has remained involved in the sport in various capacities. She has pursued coaching and mentoring roles, sharing her expertise and experience with younger players. 

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Gerrard has been active in coaching at both grassroots and elite levels, aiming to develop the next generation of netball talent. Additionally, she has been involved in community initiatives and advocacy work, promoting health, fitness, and sports participation among youth. Gerrard’s post-retirement focus has been on contributing to the sport she loves while also engaging in activities that support her community.