Lauren Graham husband is Peter krause? What is the relationship behind?

Lauren Graham husband Peter Krause are just in living relationship…

Lauren-graham husband Peter Krause
Lauren and Peter ….Credit: Yahoo Finance

Lauren Graham is an American actress and journalist, best known for playing Lorelai Gilmore in NBC drama Parenthood on WB drama Gilmore Girls and Sarah Braverman. Okay, thinking about her family, Lauren Graham and Peter Krause may be one of Hollywood’s most private couples but they still walked the arm in arm of the Golden Globes red carpet. Is Lauren Graham husband Peter Krause? or Peter Krause wife is Lauren Graham ? How true is that?

Graham has also spoken frankly about how satisfied she is with her relationship in exactly the way it is. Graham said in a 2014 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she already feels married after five years with Krause, adding that their relationship is “good the way it is.” “Are we not already married?”She told the host of television.

History of Lauren Graham and Peter Krause relationship

The actors met when both worked on Caroline in the City in 1995. In 2010 they appeared on NBC’s Parenthood the roles of brother and sister Adam and Sarah Braverman. They began dating shortly after the show started.

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Lauren Graham and Peter Krause relationship
Lauren Graham and Peter Krause relationship ….Credit: USmagazine

Ellen DeGeneres asked in 2014 if the duo was married, but Graham promised they would only be dating. “We are so happy, really. I feel like at Hollywood after nearly five years, it’s like, aren’t we already really married?” And she said. “The way it is is, this is perfect.”

It wasn’t until 2010 that they started working as siblings for the TV show Parenthood that they realized just how close they were. Originally, she opposed the relation because, due to the amount of exposure they got, she did not want to date the glamorous co-star, which was a Hollywood cliché.

While still working on Gilmore Girls, Graham’s TV mom, according to Bustle, Kelly Bishop, who had become a friend and confidante, had indicated she should date “that wonderful actor on Six Feet Under.”

So, it is clear that, the couple are just in relationship not married. There may be rumor that Peter Krause wife is Lauren Graham or Lauren Graham husband is Peter krause…


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