The Harry Potter actress Katie Leung net worth and biography

The Harry Potter actress Katie Leung net worth and biography

Katie Liu Leung, known professionally as Katie Leung, is a Scottish actress. In the Harry Potter film series, she played Cho Chang, the lead character’s first love interest. Leung spoke up about the racist harassment she experienced from fans while filming Harry Potter in March 2021. Continue reading to learn more about Katie Leung net worth, earnings, income, husband, and biography.

How much is Katie Leung net worth? Is She a millionaire?

As of November 2021, Katie Leung net worth is estimated to be $10 million. Her acting profession has contributed to her entire net worth. Despite the fact that Katie has earned a significant fortune as a result of her acting career, we’d like to inform our readers that her net worth is now being examined. Shay made money through a variety of sources. Katie Leung is a social media user. She has 1.9 million Instagram followers and 181K Twitter followers. She has a large number of Instagram followers and profits from them.

Katie Leung net worth
Katie Leung is looking cute Source: Instagram

Leung has also appeared in episodes of Run, Father Brown, and One Child on television. She nominated for an MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss alongside Daniel Radcliffe in 2008, and she won it. Leung has earned millions of dollars for her roles in theatrical performances of Wild Swans, The World of Extreme Happiness, The Merchant of Venice, and You For Me For You.

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How did she start her professional career?

Katie Leung began her acting career as a member of the cast of the popular 2005 film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. In the film, she appeared with stars such as Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Robert Pattinson. Her next film in the same franchise, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, was released two years later. She also starred alongside singer Leo Ku in the 2007 music video Love Coming Home. She’s also been featured in Teen Vogue and the Evening Standard, a London-based daily newspaper.

Katie Leung also starred in T2 Trainspotting, a comedic film. Her most recent film was The Foreigner, in which she co-starred with Jakie Chan in the role of Fan. Katie Leung has spent time doing charity work in addition to acting. She assisted in the organization of a children’s painting competition to raise funds for Scotland’s charity The Prince’s Trust, which raised over £100,000.

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Who is her boyfriend? Is she in a relationship?

Katie Leung appears to be a private person, as she keeps her personal life private from her followers. Not only that, but she’s managed to keep her personal life under wraps, so no one knows if she’s dating anyone. She also too young for a romance, and she’s focus on her career right now.

She appears to be too preoccupy with her career to be interest in dating. Despite her impressive accomplishments, she looks to be single and focus on her career. because she has been persuade to believe that if she becomes involve in a relationship, her focus will be diverted from her objectives.

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Katie wiki: early life, parents, education, nationality, age

Katie Leung wiki
Katie Leung is enjoying with her friends Source: Instagram

Leung, a Motherwell native, was born in Scotland on August 8, 1987. She is of mixed origin and holds a Scottish nationality. Katie attended Hamilton College in South Lanarkshire for her secondary education. Her father Peter Leung, a Hong Kong businessman who has a company in Glasgow, and her mother Kar Wai Li, a banker, are both from the same family. Katie’s parents split when she was three years old.

She is fluent in Cantonese and has a working knowledge of Mandarin. On August 19, 2018, Leung attended the wedding of Afshan Azad, another former Harry Potter cast member. Katie Leung will be 34 years old in the year 2021. Similarly, Leung is 1.64 m tall, standing at 5 feet 4 inches. Her hair is black, and she has brown eyes. Katie has kept her physique in tip-top shape as an actor and model.

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