An Italy entrepreneur and actor Gianluca Vacchi net worth, daughter -

An Italy entrepreneur and actor Gianluca Vacchi net worth, daughter

Gianluca Vacchi is an entrepreneur, a businessman, an actor, a DJ, an author, a musician, and a social media personality from Italy. Gianluca Vacchi rose to popularity as a result of his vast fortune, risky lifestyle, and multiple tattoos. ‘GianlucaVacchiVEVO,’ his YouTube channel, has over 313K subscribers. Furthermore, his TikTok account has 168.4 million likes and 16.9 million followers. He earns a substantial sum of money from a variety of sources. Come down to see Gianluca Vacchi net worth and how he earns all of his money. What are his sources of income, and who is his girlfriend or wife?

What is an Italian entrepreneur, a businessman, an actor, a DJ, an author, a musician, and a social media personality Gianluca Vacchi net worth?

Gianluca Vacchi is an Italian social media star, entrepreneur, DJ, and author with a net worth of $200 million. His Instagram account, which has 15 million followers as of this writing, has helped him achieve enormous celebrity. As a result, he is without a doubt one of the wealthiest celebrities in the world.

Gianluca Vacchi net worth
Gianluca Vacchi on his bullet enjoying while on time pass Source: Instagram

The celebrity entertains his massive fan base by sharing photographs and videos of his ultra-luxurious lifestyle. His 7,000-square-foot Miami apartment, which he marketed for $10.9 million in April 2020, was the setting for several of his films. In 2015, Gianluca paid $7.5 million for the apartment. He also has a substantial estate in Bologna.

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How does he collect all his income? What are his main sources of earnings?

Vacchi earns money through a variety of sources. Some of his earnings come from his 2016 book, while others come from his branded clothes and accessories line. Aside from making a fortune as an entrepreneur buying and selling businesses in Italy, Vacchi also dabbled in the entertainment sector, first as a DJ, then as a singer, with hits including Viento, Love, Trump It, and Sigamos Bailando.

The wealthy also bought the “Last Minute Tours” company and the “Toy-Watch” company, which made plastic designer watches, which he sold immediately after Oprah listed them as one of her favorite items. However, it was his family’s business that truly prepared him for life.

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Gianluca Vacchi relationship: Who is his current wife? All about his married life 

Gianluca Vacchi’s previous married Melissa Sato. They did, however, break up after a while. In 2014, he started dating Giorgia Gabriele. Regrettably, they likewise called it quits in 2017. His YouTube recordings of odd and humorous dancing propelled him to prominence.

Gianluca Vacchi wife
Gianluca Vacchi with his wife Sharon Fonseca and their newly born children Source: Instagram

The DJ is currently in a relationship with Sharon Fonseca, a young model. As a result, he informed his partner via Instagram on Mother’s Day, May 10, 2020, that he and she were expecting their first child. On October 28, they also announced the birth of their daughter, ‘Blu Jerusalema Vacchi.’

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Gianluca Vacchi children: Who is his secret daughter?

Vacchi is currently in a relationship with Sharon Fonseca, a young model. He announced on Instagram on May 10, 2020, during Mother’s Day celebrations, that he and his fiancée were expecting their first child. As he stated in some interviews, it was something the artist was looking forward to. Gianluca and Sharon announced the arrival of their daughter Blu Jerusalema Vacchi on October 28, 2020, via their Instagram profiles, as is their custom. He made public the lavish welcome he had prepared for Blu in his new house a few days later.

He was previously engaged to Melissa Satta, according to some reports. There is a lot of evidence that Ginevra Mavilla is Vacchi’s daughter from a prior relationship. But she’s truly his goddaughter. Ginevra Mavilla was born in Italy on July 6, 2002, to Marco Mavilla (father) and Mara Poletti (mother) (mother). She rose to popularity as Gianluca Vacchi’s goddaughter and went on to become a social media sensation with over 491K Instagram followers.

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Entrepreneur early life career

Vacchi has always been interested in business. As a result, he majored in economics before joining the family business. Later, he started IMA, a pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and other product development company. Similarly, he broadened his commercial interests by taking part in a variety of ventures. In the process, he grew his wealth and became a billionaire in a few years.

I.M.A-Industria Machine Automatiche has Vacchi as a Non-Executive Director. As a result, he worked in a variety of workplaces as a financer. He also mastered the skill of starting profitable enterprises and then selling them once they’ve established themselves.

Similarly, he founded ToyWatch in 2006, a designer watch firm that grew quickly in its first year before being sold. Gianluca is the president of the SEA Societa Europea Autocaravan (European Autocaravan Society). He’s also well-known for his movies and images on social media. As a result, the entrepreneur routinely posts about his personal life on social media. In 2016, he also released a book. As a result, Vacchi’s book ‘Enjoy (2016)’, which he defines as a conceptual biography, was published. Vacchi was also taken by Banco BPM in 2017.

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Assets; House, cars

Gianluca Vacchi spent $24.5 million for a property on Miami Beach’s Sunset Island. It had a starting price of 27 million dollars. However, before signing the contract, he cut the price by 9%.

The property of Gianluca Vacchi has numerous unique features, including a lakefront of 21,240 square feet, 7 bedrooms, 3 1⁄2 baths, and a first floor that is 13 feet above sea level. It also contains a four-car garage, a pool, a rooftop patio, an elevator, and a wine cellar. Gianluca Vacchi is known for his elegant automobiles.

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