Cause of Death: How did Antonio Inoki dies? Net worth Wife, daughter, divorce

Cause of Death: How did Antonio Inoki dies? Net worth Wife, daughter, divorce

Flamboyant Antonio Inoki, a former politician and professional wrestler from Japan, passed away on Saturday at the age of 79, according to the business he created. According to public broadcaster NHK, he died of heart failure. He married to a Japanese actress and the couple divorced after 16 years of married life with a daughter. Let’s read the full story of the Japanese Legend Inoki.

Why he was so famous person in Japan?

Inoki established mixed martial arts competitions amongst top wrestlers and champions from other combat sports including judo, karate, and boxing. He also popularized Japanese pro wrestling.

Inoki was chosen to serve as an Upper House representative for the now-defunct Sports and Peace Party in 1989.
He went to Iraq prior to the Gulf War of 1990 to negotiate the release of Japanese captives.

In his sport, he was also the first to pursue politics. In an effort to foster friendship and peace, he traveled to North Korea more than 30 times while serving as a congressman and promoted peace via sports.

What is Antonio Inoki cause of death? How did he die?

On September 30, 2022, he passed away at 79. Antonio Inoki cause of death was heart failure. According to the New Japan Pro-Wrestling Co., which he founded and served as president of, Inoki passed away early on Saturday. He was battling a rare condition called amyloidosis. Even though Inoki was battling the illness, he was optimistic and in a good mood.

antonio-inoki cause of death
Former world boxing heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali (R) of the United States smiles as he makes a fighting pose against Japanese pro-wrestler Antonio Inoki during a news conference in Tokyo April 2, 1998. Ali flew into Tokyo today to attend a retirement ceremony for Inoki at Tokyo Dome on April 4. Reuters Photographer

He had recently become ill and had resorted to using a wheelchair. Inoki’s most recent public appearance was on a TV show in August, while he was in a wheelchair and wearing his signature red scarf around his neck.

“As you can see, I’m pushing myself to the limit, and I’m getting power as I get to see you,” he said.

Antonio Inoki

Who was Antonio wife Mitsuko Baisho? Why did they divorce after 16 years of married life?

Antonio Inoki once had a wife. In 1971, he wed the actress Mitsuko Baisho. However, they filed for divorce after 16 years of happy marriage, tragically separating them. The divorce concluded in 1987. Daughter Hiroko is the child they have together.

Earlier life of great wrestler Antonio Inoki aka Muhammad Hussain Inoki

Antonio Inoki, also known as Muhammad Hussain Inoki, was a Japanese professional wrestler, mixed martial artist, politician, and promoter. On February 20, 1943, Kanji Inoki was born in Japan. He gained notoriety under the ring name Antonio Inoki, a parody of the professional wrestler Antonino Rocca. He passed away on Saturday, October 1, 2022. Inoki, a professional wrestler, amassed twelve victories over his career to win the world champion title. His most notable accomplishments include being the first Asian to win the WWF Heavyweight Championship and the first IWGP Heavyweight Champion; however, WWE does not recognize the latter reign.

Antonio Inoki net worth

It is reasonable to assume that Antonio Inoki net worth was of close to $1 million. Moreover, his earnings from his professional careers in politics and boxing. The accounts claim that his father was a successful businessman who solely worked to provide for his family. Sadly, he lost his father when he was just five years old. At a young age, he began training in karate. During his time at school, he played basketball as well. He traveled to Japan in 1960 and established a connection with the Japan Wrestling Association, where he served six years. Antonio competed in both New Japan Pro Wrestling and Tokyo Pro Wrestling. He worked in the wrestling industry for 34 years. The wrestler announced his retirement from wrestling in the year 1994. After retiring from wrestling, he focused on advancing his political career, another of his strong suits.


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