Fala Chen net worth: Career in US-China, Marvel new movie

Fala Chen net worth: Career in US-China, Marvel new movie

Fala Chen is currently under contract with Marvel-Studio and TVB as a Chinese actress under Stars Shine International Ltd. Chen has also held the titles of Miss Asian America 2002 and Miss NY Chinese 2004 and ranked as a runner-up in Miss Chinatown USA 2003 (Miss Chinese Chamber of Commerce) and Miss Chinese International 2005, formerly a Chinese-American beauty pageant titleholder. So, how much the Fala Chen net worth is?

Net worth of Fala Chen,

According to various sources, Fala Chen’s net worth has grown significantly in 2020 after signing the contract with Marvel Studio. However, the numbers vary depending on the source. Fala Chen net worth is not clear because she is working with different charities and organizations. But her sources of earnings are mostly from advertisement companies with no official announcements. But the net worth of Fala Chen can be estimated more than $1 million after joining with Marvel Studio. If we compare to other marvel stars, they singed and paid not less than $15 million for each part.

Fala Chen net worth
Fala Chen at sea side

The Chinese-American actress is Fala Chen. Her career started in her native Hong Kong in the late 2000s. She guest-starred in the Hong Kong shows Forensic Heroes, The Ultimate Crime Fighter, and Heart of Greed, among others, early in her career.

Marvel Studio upcoming movie “SHANG-CHI” Source: Instagram

She made her Turning Point movie debut in 2009. In more local films, including 72 Tenants of Prosperity, I Love Hong Kong, and The Fortune Buddies, she went on to star. She also appeared in some television shows during this time. Chen made her Hollywood debut recently after landing the role of Jolene McCall in The Undoing, an HBO miniseries. She’ll also be starring in The Undoing, an upcoming Hollywood movie. And Fala has now signed a deal with Marvel Studio with other Asian actors for the upcoming movie “SHANG-CHI.” In the movie, she will be in the role of Jiang Li.

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Career begins here, Fala Chen

Fala Chen career in movies

Fala Chen is an American actress and singer who was born in China. Currently active in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong, she was previously signed to Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB). Some of her notable works have starred in numerous Hong Kong drama series and films, including Moonlight Resonance, No Regrets, Lives of Omission, Triumph in the Skies II, Turning Point, and her latest work, Tales from the Dark II. Known to be multilingual, Mandarin is the mother tongue of Chen, but she can speak English, Cantonese, as well as Japanese, with a lot of ease.

In 2005, she was the first runner-up in the Miss Chinese International Pageant, leading her to sign with Television Broadcasts Limited.

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