Federica Cappelletti wife of Paolo Rossi is a writer by profession, wiki

Federica Cappelletti wife of Paolo Rossi is a writer by profession, wiki

Federica Cappelletti wanted to welcome Paolo Rossi, her husband, who had died at the age of 64 that night. Pablito had been sick for some time, as he was nicknamed. With this message on social media, it was Cappelletti herself who made the announcement. Numerous condolence messages.

“There will never be anyone like you, unique, special, after you the absolute nothing ….”, she then wrote on Facebook, still remembering her husband.

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Who is Federica Cappelletti wife of Paolo Rossi?

Federica Cappelletti wife of Paolo Rossi, 48, a journalist and blogger, was born in 1972. She had been married to him for 10 years, but had been engaged for a lot longer. To split them at the age of 16, yet to unite them with a deep affection, resulting in the birth of Maria Vittoria and Sofia Elena, two daughters.

Federica Cappelletti wife of Paolo Rossi

Federica holds two degrees, and she is seeking a third degree as well. She has 4 books written. She is also the owner and author of the Salutepiù24 portal, but above all, she is known to her beloved husband for being Pablito’s wife.

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Why Rossi death touched to football lovers?

In his 14-year-long career, Rossi played for six different clubs and scored 134 goals in 338 matches. He won two Serie A titles, one Coppa Italia title, one European Cup Winners’ Cup title, one UEFA Super Cup title and one European Cup title, all with Juventus. In the 1977-78 season, Rossi was also Serie A’s top scorer.

The above honors made him a great player, but what really made him an Italian hero was the FIFA World Cup title he won in Spain in 1982 with his six goals.

While Rossi had already proven himself by having three goals and four assists in the 1978 Argentine World Cup, many questioned the decision of manager Enzo Bearzot to recruit him into the national team. And they had reasonable reasons to doubt that Rossi was drawn into “1980 Totonero,” the 1980 Series A and Series B match-fixing scandal in Italy in 1980, and was suspended for two years.