Everything about YouTuber, and Vlog Squad member Durte Dom wiki -

Everything about YouTuber, and Vlog Squad member Durte Dom wiki

Dominykas Zeglaitis, alias Durte Dom, is a YouTuber and a member of the Vlog Squad. He attracted public attention after an anonymous woman named “Hannah” accused him of sexual assault. According to the investigation, the claim was made against Durte Dom, a member of Vlog Squad, who allegedly raped Hannah while filming one of David Dobrik’s YouTube videos in 2018. Come down to learn more about Durte Dom wiki, rape case, net worth, girlfriend, and other details.

YouTuber, and Vlog Squad member Durte Dom wiki: Who are his parents? Education

According to YouTuber, and Vlog Squad member Durte Dom wiki, he was born on June 29, 1995, in Chicago, Illinois, United States, and is now 26 years old. Little is known about his parents. However, we will keep you informed as soon as possible. Rascal, his younger brother, is his only sibling. There is no doubt that his parents have been extremely supportive of his efforts to build a great career.

Durte Dom wiki
Durte Dom with his pet dog on the top of the house Source: Instagram

When it comes to his education, nothing is spoken regarding his college or education. According to his age, he may hold a bachelor’s degree. Keep checking this webpage since we will update it as soon as we have more information about his education.

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Age, height, weight

Dom was born on June 29, 1995, and as of 2021, he will be 26 years old. He was born to parents whose names have yet to be revealed.

In terms of Durte Dom’s height and weight, he is expected to be 1. 8 meters tall as of 2021. His weight is believed to be 175 pounds based on his height, physique, and age.

Who is Durte Dom girlfriend? Is he had a previous girlfriend? 

Durte Dom is currently enjoying his single life and looking for the appropriate lifemate. He had a poor relationship in the past and is now looking for fresh love in his life.

Dom prefers to keep his connection private and private, but every star has a love affair, right? He is said to be dating NA, and the two have been dating for quite some time. The future will determine whether the two will continue their relationship. Exploring his Instagram page reveals that he enjoys going to new and exciting areas.

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Durte Dom is famous due to his two times sexual Allegation to her co-worker

Second and his new Sexual Allegation

This isn’t the first time the Vlog Squad has faced sexual harassment charges. Joseth “Seth” Francois, a former Vlog Squad member, has claimed that he was duped into kissing Squad’s member Nash in a video. Dobrik recently posted a new YouYube video in which he addressed both the previous and new claims. “With the Seth incident, I apologize to Seth,” Dobrik says in the video. “I just want to make videos where everyone in it, whether you’re participating or watching, is enjoying and having a good time.” I didn’t hit the mark on that one.”

“With people in my life that I don’t film with anymore, like Dom, I choose to distance myself because I don’t match with some of the acts, and I don’t stand for any kind of misconduct,” Dobrik remarked in response to the most current incident involving Dom. Some of my pals have disappointed me greatly.” He also revealed that he erased vlogs after recognizing that they “don’t represent me anymore” and “hurt other people.”

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First sexual Allegation: Durte Dom tries to “expose” David Dobrik in connection with the Hannah assault case, but the internet is skeptical

Since sexual assault allegations leveled against former Vlog Squad member Dominykas Zeglaitis aka Durte Dom, YouTuber David Dobrik has lost subscribers, brand sponsorships, and has had to take an extended break. Today, the latter took to YouTube to tell what happened when numerous girls were invited to the Vlog Squad’s residence. Dom’s bedroom was occupied by two of them.

Durte Dom charged with sexually assaulting an inebriated woman in March, as David Dobrik shot a vlog in the same apartment where the incident occurred. It also claimed that the two, along with other Vlog Squad members, bought booze for underage girls.

Dom has returned to YouTube to defend himself against the claims leveled against him by Vlog Squad members and David Dobrik himself after six months of intense scrutiny. Cassandra, Dobrik’s former assistant, accompanied the YouTuber.

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Durte Dom net worth: What are his earnings sources?

According to Durte Dom wiki, he is a vlogger from the United States. He has over 230,000 subscribers and over 13 million views on his YouTube account. He makes reaction videos, challenge videos, and vlog videos. DurteDom has a $50,000 net worth. From adverts on his films, he earns roughly $180 per day ($66,000 per year). As of 2021, his projected net worth is $3 million.

Durte Dom net worth
Durte Dom buy his white colors car and come into the department Source: Instagram

Durte Dom’s riches derives from his career as a rapper. After launching with a mixtape named Looking To Land, he released his sophomore mixtape, Highly Inappropriate, in 2014. He has partied with rappers from Rae Sremmurd and Migos, as well as Soulja Boy, in his YouTube vlog series.

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Quick facts about Durte Dom

Full Name
 Dominykas Zeglaitis
Birthday29th of June, 1995
Age (as of 2021)26 years
Place of BirthLithuania, America
ProfessionYouTuber, Vlog Squad member, musician
Net worth$3 million
Zodiac SignCancer
Height1.8 m
Weight175 lbs.

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