Former YouTube star Jenna Marbles net worth, engaged, partner

Former YouTube star Jenna Marbles net worth, engaged, partner

Jenna Nicole Mourey, also known as Jenna Marbles, is a former YouTuber from the United States. Her YouTube channel has collected approximately 1.6 billion video views and 20.1 million subscribers in ten years. Jenna stated in 2020 that she would be taking a break from her YouTube account and social media.She has earned millions of dollars from her Youtube career. Scroll down to know more about Jenna Marbles net worth, earnings, boyfriend, engagement, partner, and many more:

Jenna Marbles net worth, earnings, salary, and all the ways she makes her fortune

Jenna Marbles net worth
Former YouTube star Jenna Marbles with her pet Source: Instagram

The big question is how much is Jenna Marbles net worth? According to Celebrity Net Worth, the former YouTuber has amassed over 1.6 billion views on her channel and is worth $8 million. Jenna stated in 2020 that she would be taking a break from her YouTube account and social media. Jenna announced the news in a video in which she apologized and took responsibility for the offensive videos she had previously made.

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With her first video, Charles Franklin Marbles is a Sad Sad Man, the YouTube star began her career on the platform in 2010. Over 2.2 million people have watched the 11-year-old video. Jenna Marbles’ career bolstered by a video she made in 2010 titled, How to deceive people into thinking you’re well looking, as she tried to get traction on YouTube. In its first week, the video became a hit, receiving over 5 million views.

When did she start her career?

Mourey was sharing a three-bedroom apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the summer of 2010. She supported herself via bartending, tanning salon employment, blogging, and nightclub go-go dancing. Mourey began her career at Barstool Sports in that year, where she worked as a writer for StoolLaLa, the company’s female-oriented website. In 2011, she quit the publication.


“How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking,” one of Mourey’s first videos to acquire popularity on the platform, was viewed over 5.3 million times in its first week. In August 2011, The New York Times and ABC News highlighted her video “How to Avoid Talking to People You Don’t Want to Talk To.” Mourey assumed the alias Jenna Marbles after her mother complained that a Google search for “Mourey” yielded solely Jenna’s videos. Jenna’s mother was unemployed at the time Jenna’s first video went viral, and she was worried that the content might turn off potential employers. Mr. Marbles, her dog’s name, inspired the name “Marbles.” 

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Self-awareness has been one of Jenna’s strengths for her entire career, but she openly admits she’s made numerous mistakes.

Why Did Jenna Marbles, One Of YouTube’s First Stars, Decide To Quit?

After being accused of blackface, Mourey released an apologetic video on June 25, 2020. This charge stemmed from one of Mourey’s older videos, in which he pretended to be Nicki Minaj and had a dark tan. Mourey indicated that she never intended to hurt or insult anyone, and that she would be taking a break from her YouTube channel indefinitely.

Julien Solomita, Mourey’s boyfriend, stated on Twitter on June 26 that the couple’s joint podcast and Twitch streams will be placed on hold indefinitely. On July 6, when Solomita returned to streaming on the joint Twitch channel, he declared on behalf of both of them that the channel will be transitioning to be operated entirely under his name, as Mourey preferred to stay out of the spotlight.

Jenna Marbles, a former YouTuber, is engaged to Julien Solomita, a long-time partner.

Jenna Marbles partner
YouTube star Jenna Marbles with partner Julien Solomita Source: Instagram

Jenna Marbles is engaged to Julien Solomita, a long-time partner who announced the engagement on a Twitch stream in April 2021. In 2013, Mourey and Solomita began dating. Solomita showed a photo of Mourey’s hand with the engagement ring and informed viewers that she had also bought a ring for him. “a little while after because she wanted me to enjoy the engagement too and be able to look at my hand, so now I have a little temporary ring” that he used to take off before streaming prior to making the announcement.

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The couple also hosted a six-year-long collaborative podcast called the Jenna & Julien Podcast, which they discontinued in August of last year, thanking their listeners in the final episode. Solomita has posted on his own YouTube channel and continues to host Twitch streams, despite Mourey’s social media presence waning since her departure from YouTube. In 2018, Jenna and Julien acquired a home in Los Angeles together.


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