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Spanish Footballer Mariona Caldentey Parents, Goals, Education, Partner, age & height

The much-awaited competition, The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, will take place in Australia and New Zealand from the 20th of July to the 20th of August in 2023, respectively. María Francesca Caldentey Oliver, aka Mariona Caldentey, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a forward for Liga F club FC Barcelona and the Spain women’s national team. Caldentey has won several titles with FC Barcelona, including the UEFA Women’s Champions League in 2021. She is known for her speed, dribbling skills, and ability to score goals. Learn additional information about Mariona Caldentey parents, net worth, goals, partner, age, height, and more.

How many goals has Caldentey scored?

Mariona Caldentey Oliver has scored six goals through fourteen appearances in Primera Division Women 2022/23. Four of her six goals were scored at home, while she scored two on the away. The Spanish footballer’s impressive performance has helped her team, FC Barcelona, secure the top spot in the league table. With her consistent goal-scoring abilities, Caldentey Oliver is proving to be a valuable asset for her team. 

Mariona Caldentey goals
Mariona Caldentey with her awards and big smile sources:Instagram

Who is Mariona’s partner? Is she married? If yes, who is that lucky one? Children

The 26-years-old player appears to be single right now. She is a talented, accomplished, and attractive lady who would appeal to anyone. Her dating life, on the other hand, remains a mystery. Her relationship status is currently unknown in the public eye. She has kept a low profile when it comes to her dating life. She is now unattached and concentrating on her career. Although it is evident that she is not engaged at the age of 26, no such proof connected to relationships and dating could not be obtained on social media or on the internet. 

Mariona’s popularity is skyrocketing these days, as she catches everyone’s attention with her skills and performance in tournaments. The stunning player became an overnight celebrity, by playing great as a forward for Liga F club FC Barcelona and the Spain women’s national team. She completed the FIFA 2023 qualification match while playing for Spanish. The gorgeous athlete, who has already competed for Spain squad for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, is scheduled to participate in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, which will take place in Australia and New Zealand from July 20 to August 20, 2023.

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Who are the talented athlete Mariona Caldentey parents? Father, Siblings

Mariona Caldentey parents: Mariona Caldentey parents have been incredibly supportive throughout her entire football career. She is very close to her family and shares her happiness and sorrow with them. Miguel Ángel Caldentey and María Oliver are Mariona Caldentey proud parents. Her mother is a nurse, while her father was a football coach. Growing up, she was exposed to both the medical and athletic worlds, which helped shape her interests and passions. She often found herself torn between pursuing a career in healthcare or sports. She grew up with her siblings.

On 7th November 2018, She posted her photo with her parents and siblings and captioned: MIL MILLONS DE GRÀCIES A TOTS. Pels missatges, per les trucades, per les visites, per les abraçades i pel suport. No podem estar millor acompanyats. Descansa en pau, papà ❤️

Mariona Caldentey parents
Mariona Caldentey with her parents and older brother photo credit: Instagram

Caldentey is very close to her mother. On Instagram, she captioned on the occasion of mother’s day that: Look at these two beautiful mom’s😍❤️ Mother is a verb. It’s something you do. Not just who you are. Thanks Mum for hold my hands for a short while, but my heart forever. And thank you for everything you have done for me❤️😘 Happy Mother’s Day to all mother’s out there. You do the best job in the world❤️

#happymothersday #iloveyou

Where is Caldentey from? How old is she? Wiki, Nationality & Birthday

María Francesca Caldentey Oliver was born on 19 March 1996 in Felanitx, Spain. Currently, she is a beautiful 26-year-old lady. She celebrates her birthday on 19th March every year. Caldentey holds Spanish nationality.

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On March 19, 2020, She celebrated her birthday with her parents and captioned: Thank you very much to everyone!! Each year that passes I feel more privileged with how well surrounded I am🙃

And happy day to you daddy 🖤.

Where did she complete her education?

Caldentey’s childhood passion was football. However, her parents supported her dreams and aspirations rather than her studies or school. She studied IES Felanitx but left because of football practice. Irene’s parents started homeschooling. There is no other information available about her education background, but she began her professional career with her team. She went to COL·LEGI SANT ALFONS. 

Caldentey first picked up football at the young age of four, joining a local team after school. Afterwards, she moved to Manacor, where she participated in three different Spanish futsal tournaments and won many trophies. Caldentey’s father was a promoter for Els Tamarells, one of Barcelona’s largest penyes, therefore the club has always been a part of her life.

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How tall is a footballer Mariona Caldentey? Height, Weight and other measurement

The talented player is 1.64 m (5 ft 5 in) tall. She weighs 62 kg. Caldentey is a health nut who obsesses over her diet. He appears excellent, magnificent, and eye-pleasing with her blonde hair, intriguing brown eyes, and excellent and attractive smile. The footballer has worked out daily and taken excellent care of her body. The 26-years-old player is physically fit and mentally strong in nature.

A brilliant star with experience in both playing and earnings, Mariona. Her exact career compensation has not yet been made public. In addition to her playing work, she is also a famous personality. Her professional career, awards, achievement, social media ads, and brand deals provide the majority of her income. She uses social media quite a bit. Caldentey has 152K followers with 479 posts on Instagram and 42K Followers with 7,290 Tweets on Twitter.


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