Who is Mitt Romney? Does he have three wives?

Who is Mitt Romney? Does he have three wives?

Mitt Romney is an American politician, businessman, and attorney who has served as Utah’s junior senator since 2019. He served as the 70th governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007, and he was the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential nominee, losing to incumbent Barack Obama. He started his career as a management consultant and later went to work with Bain & Company in Boston. As a CEO, he helped his organization to run smoothly and efficiently. He helped in Strategic Management and saved it from a Financial Crisis. Today in this topic, we’ll talk about Mtt Romney wife, children, family life, and some other facts.

Does Mitt Romney have three wives in his life? children

Mitt Romney wife: Mitt Romney is a married man. He married his long-term girlfriend Ann Davies after having an affair with her. The couple met in 1963. After dating for two years, the couple celebrated their engagement in 1965.

After being engaged, they took some time to start their marital life. They both are busy in their own career. They were on the way to establishing themselves in their respective field. Eventually, in 1969, they became husband and wife. They have five children: Tagg, Matt, Ben, Josh, and Craig.

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Mitt Romney three wives
Mitt and Ann Romney with their grandchildren Image – Instagram

Mitt Romney is happy with his wife and family. It has been more than 54 years since their marriage; they have been happily together.

Controversy regarding Mitt Romney’s Three Wives

As we mentioned above, Mitt Romney married his wife in 1969. Since then, the couple has been happily together. He didn’t celebrate his wedding with anyone after that. The stories about Mitt Romney’s three wives are fake. We didn’t know how the false news spread about his 3 wives.

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Meet the wife of Mitt Romney: Ann Romney

Ann Davies or Ann Romney is one of the renowned personalities. She is a prominent author and a philanthropist. She pursued her degree from Brigham Young University. Before that, she completed her education at Kingswood High School. She has been part of US President campaigns with her husband since 2008 and again in the year 2012, when he was the Republican Party Nominee.

Mitt Romney wife Ann Romney
Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann Romney, in a TV program
Image – Instagram

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The wife of American politician Ann Romney has been involved in numerous philanthropic works. She associated with the Ten Point Coalition in Boston, which provides safety and job opportunities to unemployed youth and people. Furthermore, she also worked as a volunteer for middle-school girls at the multicultural Mother Caroline Academy in Boston. In addition, she also worked for unprivileged children.


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