American politician Steve Scalise was diagnosed with cancer: wife, child

American politician Steve Scalise was diagnosed with cancer: wife, child

The 57-year-old Stephen Scalise is a popular American politician. Currently, he works as a representative for Louisiana Ist congressional district. In addition, he is also the House Majority Leader. He was a member of the Republican party. Furthermore, he worked as a House Minority Whip for four years (2019-2023). He also was chair of the House of Republican State Committee from 2013 to 2014. American politician Steve Scalise was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer. However, the cancer is treatable. Keep scrolling down to learn more about Stephen Scalise wife, child, and other facts.

Is Steve Scalise blood cancer treatable? treatment

Currently, Steve Scalise is undergoing the treatment of his disease. He is suffering from early-stage multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that is very treatable.

In a statement, Scalise said to the media:

“I expect to work through this period and intend to return to Washington,” the Louisiana lawmaker said.

In addition, on August 29, 2023, he added:

“The results uncovered some irregularities, and after undergoing additional tests, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a very treatable blood cancer,” he said.

He also added:

“I am grateful for my outstanding medical team, and with God’s help, my loved ones, colleagues, and constituents’ support, I will tackle this with the same power and vitality as past challenges.”

The disease multiple myeloma is a very common disease in the United States of America. As per the sources, 36,000 people will be properly treated in 2023.

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Who is Steve Scalise wife ? How did they meet?

Steve Scalise is not only a successful politician. Besides his political career, he is a loyal husband too. He celebrated his wedding in 2005 with Jennifer Scalise on March 19, 2005. The loving duo met each other in 2003 in Washington.

Steve Scalise wife Jennifer
Steve Scalise wife Jennifer
Image – X

After having an affair for two years, they eventually celebrated their marriage. Lastly, they went on a honeymoon in Europe.

Who is Steve Scalise wife Jennifer?

Jennifer served for Ses Incorporation in the United States. The primary goal of the organization is consulting, agriculture, and natural resource management.

Steve Scalise wife Jennifer in the parliament
Steve Scalise wife Jennifer in the parliament
image – Twitter

Jennifer Ann Letulle was born and grew up in Louisiana. She went to Fundamental Magnet High School. However, there is no any info about her education.

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Meet the children of Steve Scalise and Jennifer: Madison and Harrison

Steve Scalise is successfully living with his family. He has two children, Harrison (boy) and Maddison (girl). Their son is also a member of the Boy Scouts. Steve and Jennifer celebrated their son’s birthday every year on May 8.


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