Indian snake expert Vava Suresh net worth, wife, salary, daughter, age

Indian snake expert Vava Suresh net worth, wife, salary, daughter, age

Vava Suresh is a snake expert and an Indian wildlife conservationist. He is well-known for his efforts to save snakes that have strayed into human-populated areas in Kerala, India. He hosts a snake-capturing program called “Snake Master” on Kaumudy TV. On January 31, 2022, he was bitten by a cobra while attempting to rescue the snake from a human habitat in Kurichy, near Changanassery. We’re sure you’re eager to learn about his personal life, right? So, today, we’ll bring you all of the information on him, Vava Suresh net worth, wife, family, biography, net worth, earnings, age, career, and so on:

How rich is snake catcher Suresh? Net worth & Salary

 Vava Suresh net worth
Snake expert Vava Suresh catching King Cobra Source: Instagram

Vava Suresh net worth: Suresh is known by the people as a snake handler and a wildlife conservationist. He started his mission of saving snakes in Kerala and now has achieved recognition globally. Vava Suresh net worth is estimated to be over one crore. He has been a wildlife conservationist for the past 20 years and has extensive experience with snakes.

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Suresh has been dealing with snakes since he was a child and has received no scientific training in snake handling. A documentary film based on Vava Suresh’s life was recently released. Vava Suresh claims to have caught over 30,000 snakes so far. He also has to deal with 181 highly venomous king cobras. Antibodies aga inst snake venom have been discovered in Vava Suresh’s body.

He also has the Department of Wildlife’s backing to protect venomous snakes that appear in human habitats. He is thought to have saved over 50,000 snakes so far. Vava has participated in several ecologically significant activities, such as capturing rare species of snakes in the wild and releasing abandoned snakes and eggs.

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Achievements and criticism

Suresh received the ‘Vocational Service Award 2011’ from the Rotary Club of Thiruvananthapuram. He was chosen for his many years of societal service. During a visit to Kerala in November 2013, Britain’s Prince Charles expressed a desire to meet Vava Suresh, and a meeting was arranged in Vazhachaal, Thrissur. In 2019, Suresh won the Kerala State Television Award for Best Composer / Anchor in Non-News Programs. Kaumudi TV The award was given for his presentation on Snake Master.

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He was chastised by forest department officials and social media users for failing to follow safety guidelines during the snake rescue, putting himself, the snakes, and the general public in danger. Many people believe the snakes he has captured will die due to injuries caused by his unscientific handling. The 3000 bites he received during snake rescue are interpreted as evidence that he does not know how to handle snakes safely.

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What happened to the snake catcher in Kerala?

Suresh was taken to the hospital in critical condition on January 31 after being bitten by a snake in Kurichy, Kottayam district. He was bitten by the snake while visiting a resident’s home in Kurichy after the resident discovered a cobra in his house compound. He was admitted to Kottayam’s Government Medical College Hospital (MCH).

Suresh was taken to the hospital after he passed out. For a few days, his condition was critical, and he was on ventilator support. After eight days of treatment, he was released. Vava had been at the center of a debate over the ethics and methods of snake catching since then.

Who is Vava Suresh married to? Wife, Daughter & Family

He was born in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India, in 1974. He is currently a 48-year-old handsome man. Her parents are father Bahuleyan and mother L. Krishnamma. Suresh is well-known for his conservation efforts, which include the rescue and release of endangered snakes, the preservation of collected eggs until hatching, and raising public awareness about snakes and their behavior.

He is happily married to a lovely lady whose name has yet to be revealed to the media. Suresh appears to be very private about his personal life, as he rarely speaks about his wife and daughter. According to the sources, Durge is his daughter’s name.


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