Australian superstar Tony Barry wife, net worth, family, cause of death

Australian superstar Tony Barry wife, net worth, family, cause of death

Tony Barry, an Australian actor and “honorary Kiwi” who starred in the cult New Zealand comedy Goodbye Pork Pie and had a long-running role in the television drama series The Time of Our Lives, has died. He was 81. Barry’s most recent television appearance was in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation drama The Time of Our Lives. Come down to learn everything there is to know about Tony Barry wife, net worth, family, children, wiki, cause of death, and more:

Who was Tony Barry wife ? Was he married at the time of his death?? Children

Tony Barry wife
Australian actor and “honorary Kiwi” Tony Barry dies at 81 Source: superstarsbio

Tony Barry wife: During his lifetime, he was married, but the marriage ended in divorce. At the time of his death, he was single.  He was previously married to Caroline Jones. Caroline worked as a TV and radio host for over 50 years and received numerous awards in local and international media categories. On January 1, 1938, Jones was born. Jones began her career with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in Canberra in 1963, eventually becoming the show’s first female correspondent. Caroline was a Four Corners presenter from 1972 to 1981. From 1987 to 1994, Caroline hosted The Search For Meaning on ABC Radio National, a spiritually-oriented radio show where guests shared their life stories.

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Jones stepped down as Australian Story host on ABC Television in December 2016. She was later received into the Roman Catholic Church. Jones died on May 20, 2022, at age 84, after collapsing at her home in Sydney. Barry appeared to be a reclusive man who tried to keep his personal information private to protect his privacy. He has not disclosed the date of their marriage or the reason for their divorce. Actor Tony Barry and his wife, radio personality Caroline Jones, attend the “Solo” Opening Night World Premiere at Dendy Opera Quays Cinema on June 10, 2006, in Sydney, Australia, according to

Tony Barry net worth and earnings: How much has he earned from his entire career before his death?

During his five-decade career, Barry appeared in nearly 60 feature films and 45 television series. He has achieved significant fame and wealth due to his acting talent and hard work. Tony Barry net worth is estimated to be over $20 million. He’d spent most of his life in the film industry, establishing a name for himself. The longevity of Barry’s acting career was recognized when he received the 2014 Film Critics Circle of Australia award for his “extraordinary contribution to the Australian film industry”.

Barry began his film career in 1977 with The Mango Tree, after appearing in the television series The Box from 1975 to 1976. Following that, he appeared in several critically acclaimed Australian and New Zealand films, including Newsfront, The Odd Angry Shot, We of the Never Never, Australia, and Home for Christmas, for which he received the New Zealand Film and TV Awards’ Best Actor award in 2010. Barry had his left leg amputated above the knee due to melanoma in 2014, between seasons of the television drama series The Time of Our Lives. The loss of his leg was written into the plot. 

Barry’s most memorable performance was in Geoff Murphy’s 1981 New Zealand comedy Goodbye Pork Pie. Goodbye Pork Pie was a watershed moment in New Zealand cinema, as it was the first locally produced film to be a commercial success. The film’s success and cultural impact in New Zealand earned Barry the “honorary Kiwi” title, and he became the only Australian to appear on a New Zealand postage stamp. In 2016, the film was remade as Pork Pie, with Dean O’Gorman playing John. Barry had worked hard his entire life to advance his career, and we assume it had paid off.

Awards and Achievements

Over the course of his long career, Tony Barry received several awards and nominations, including a Penguin Award in 1981 for Best Single Performance by a Supporting Actor in a Mini-series for his role as Nipper Jackson in ABC’s Scales of Justice. In 2014, he received the Film Critics Circle of Australia’s Special Achievement Award ‘for his extraordinary contribution to the Australian film industry’.

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How did Australian superstar Barry died? What was the cause of his death?

Tony Barry, the veteran Australian film and television actor, died after a long illness on December 21, 2022, after a career spanning five decades, nearly 60 films, and dozens of television series. He was 81. Despite receiving a cancer diagnosis that required a leg amputation in 2014, the actor had a long-running battle with health issues. He had to amputate his leg in 2013 after it became infected with the life-threatening melanoma disease in 2007. Barry had his left leg amputated above the knee after melanoma surgery.

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Barry’s friend, the New Zealand filmmaker Gaylene Preston, wrote on Facebook that the actor had died in Murwillumbah, Australia after a long illness. 

“He was one of a kind. A fierce fighter for the underdog, working for indigenous rights and as part of rehabilitation [programs] in the justice system and for the environment,” Preston wrote.


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