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Tony Dokoupil is a well-known American TV reporter as a CBC News correspondent. He worked with the domestic news reporter for the news channel MSNBC and NBC before CBC.

He is pleased with a lovely spouse, with whom he shares his marriage connection, in addition to his professional life and on April 2019, he welcomed his first baby son. Let’s know about Tony from Tony Dokoupil bio below..

Tony Dokoupil bio, early life & family

CBC News correspondent Tony Dokoupil, a 37-year-old, was born in Miami in 1981 to the house of parents Ann & Anthony Edward Dokoupil.

Tony liked up to nine years of era a luxury condo and private school with President G.H.W. Bush’s grandchildren.

Tony Dokoupil wiki

His dad, Anthony Edward, left home for the wild drug addict. Before his fifth birthday, Tony believed his father’s job was a Real State businessman, but his family had encountered the loss of revenue owing to the drug addict and had been challenged to roam the lifestyle outdoors.

Dokoupil subsequently registered in 1999 at the George Washington University School of Business and graduated in 2003 with a double major in marketing and media. Tony Dokoupil completed his Masters at Columbia University in 2004 without any delay in his life. He also received a grant in media studies for a Ph.D. in 2005.

Tony married to Katy Tur…

Tony Dokoupil is happily married to his NBC News co-workerand wife Katy Tur. Both couples have been working for a couple of years as a correspondent in NBC News. At an intimate family celebration in Utah, the lovely pair linked the knot on Oct. 27, 2017.

He discussed how he found his girlfriend in the 2015 makeup space during working hours and how he stated his affection for Tur in summer.

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Husband Tony dokoupil and Wife katy Tur welcome their first baby

On 28th April 2019, Tony and Katy welcomed their first baby. She gave baby at hospital and by the image we can see the smile and happiness of the parents. Katy posted a post on Instagram with a photo and wrote about her son. The couple named his son “Teddy Dokoupil” who was 6.5 pound on weight and 20 inches in height.

Theodore “Teddy” Dokoupil was born early Saturday morning, weighing 6.5 pounds and stretching nearly 20 inches. His first words were “wah wah wah!” Our first words (after one of us screamed “owie, owie, owie” for about 12 hours) were “ooo, eee, awwww.” The whole family is happy as can be.

Dokoupil and Katy is ready to welcoming the first baby in April

When she announced Thursday that she was pregnant, 35-year-old Katy Tur thrilled spectators on “MSNBC Live,” stating “I have a child in my stomach. Officially. “Advertising the baby’s sonogram, Tur added:” I’m sick of the requesting tweets. So, I’ll announce that he’s my little guy. He’s scheduled for April. Well, I will weep now. Kasie, take it back before I cry.

A small secret about their wedding…

 Dokoupil dated with katy Tur before married...
Dokoupil dated with katy Tur before married

Very few individuals realized their place of marriage. The pair agreed to marry in the center of Utah’s desert. Yes, you’re reading right. The wedding couple chose a place where there was no cell network service and no one was supposed to talk about politics or rumors, and the area wasn’t a resort, but it was hot rocks. It’s pretty weary correct.

Dokoupil’s Career path, CBS News 

Tony works as a news correspondent for Sunday Morning in CBS News for two and a quarter years. He served in several places before that to be a ideal news correspondent who he is now.

When we speak about his previous experiences, Tony volunteered in Newsweek for two years as a journalist and writer. He said he entered Newsweek as a global edition investigator before shifting as a full-time reporter to the national arts page. He operates as a senior writer in Newsweek & The Daily Beast after several years at the same place. Tony spent six years and a month working there, i.e. June 2007 to June 2013. 

Tony also worked in Random House from 2009-2014 as an author, where he also authored several popular novels, including “The Last Pirate”…

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Tony Dokoupil’s Journey to CBC News from NBC News

According to Tony Dokoupil bio, he served as a senior writer for NBC News from June 2013 to July 2015, and in the same month of July 2015, he began covering MSNBC’s news in text and video, doing everything from live TV to all the unique digital characteristics for a complete year. So the remainder is all CBC News from 2016.

Salary on CBC and Net-worth

Tony Dokoupil is a devoted CBC correspondent, received a good quantity of salaries, making $60k-$176k according to some internet accounts. Tony and his spouse live as a celebrity that shows off his notable quantity of net worth from his profession as well as his mother.


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