Is Russell Tovey's longtime relationship over? partner

Is Russell Tovey’s longtime relationship over? partner

Russell Tovey is a multi-talented English actor, writer, and producer. He has garnered fame through various television shows, films, and even theatre productions. His breakout role came in the BBC supernatural comedy-drama “Being Human” (2009-2013), where he played the lovable werewolf George Sands. In late January 2024, Russell attended the premiere of the TV series “Feud: Capote Vs. The Swans” in New York City. Apart from his professional life, is he in a romantic relationship? So today, in this article we talk about Russell Tovey’s partner, love life, and relationship.

Who is Russell Tovey’s partner Steve Brockman? Since when are they dating?

Russell Tovey currently does not have a partner. Tovey was reported to be dating former porn star and rugby coach Steve Brockman. Their relationship began in 2016. They became engaged in February 2018. 

Russell Tovey's partner Steve Brockman
Russell Tovey’s partner Steve Brockman sources Instagram

They split up in June of the same year after a misunderstanding. In 2019, Russell Tovey and his lover Steve Brockman got back together after a few months of being apart.

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After meeting and falling in love, they have been together for seven years. After more than 7 years of relationships, they are no longer together. He reportedly split from his long-term partner, Steve Brockman, in November 2023. 

When and how did Russell Tovey meet his partner? relationship

It’s unknown when and how they met for the first time. They met online back in 2016, according to various sources. The specifics of their meeting’s circumstances and the beginning stages of their relationship are kept confidential.

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They got along well, even if the details of their early relationship were hidden. After the first meeting, things fell together naturally and led to the blossoming of a love relationship.

Russell Tovey maintains a relatively private presence online, especially regarding his personal life. While he shares photos of himself and Steve Brockman, he hasn’t disclosed details about their initial meeting or dating history.

Who is Russell Tovey‘s partner Steve Brockman? What does he do for a living?

There is no longer a relationship between Steve Brockman and Russell Tovey. After a seven-year romance, reports as of February 2023 state that they split up.

Previously, Steve Brockman worked as a rugby coach and a pornographic film actor. The public is not privy to information regarding his current work, though.


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