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Tommy Lister wife Felicia Forbes wiki, Son, divorce

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, while Tommy Lister was filming for one of his films in South Africa, the 48-year-old met her and they dated for a brief period of time until he got married in 2003 with Felicia Forbes.
After Tommy was spotted with a new girlfriend in 2019, the couple recently split, although they were not yet divorced, it is believed.

The couple have one daughter named Faith with them.

Who is Felicia Forbes?

Tommy Lister wife Felicia Forbes was a missionary who was a pastor in Cape Town, but she moved to California after marrying Tommy and is now a Human Resources Business Partner at ABM AVIATION, INC. Felicia divorced her husband now for established reasons.

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When did she get married to Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister?

In 2003, the pair married, the same year they met.

In 2003, when Tommy was working on the film Blast in South Africa, their paths crossed and their romance rapidly became intense.

They got married at the home of construction developer Faik Haroun in Cape Town.

Tommy Lister wife Felicia Forbes and daughter
Felicia and Tommy holding daughter,old picture. Walikali

Felicia and Tommy broke up but were not divorced.

He claimed he had a “girlfriend” in 2019 after an altercation between them was broadcast live by the girlfriend, resulting in police involvement – no further charges were brought forward.

TMZ said Tommy said he was told by the police to get a restraining order against the mystery girl.

The woman’s identity was not disclosed and there has since been no news about that relationship.

How many kids Tommy and Forbes have together?

Together they have a girl named Faith Grace Lister.

She’s 12 years of age.

Some sources say that they also have a son named Thomas Duane Lister III, but this has not been officially verified.

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Tommy Lister Bio & Career

Tommy Lister was an actor, and he retired from professional wrestling as well. When he was born, his right eye made him blind. He went to Palomar Junior College and then moved to the State of California City College in Long Beach. Tom then attended the State University of California, based in the city of Los Angeles.

He also won the national shot put title there and his mark 6 was over 61 feet.

In his honor, the athletic department held a track meet early on. Tom Lister tried out in New Orleans for the United States Football League. Then after being cut, he went on to try acting as a hobby.


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