NFL players and how much some of the wealthiest NFL players make 2023

NFL players and how much some of the wealthiest NFL players make

For many of us, the income we make from the NFL begins and ends with how much money we make from picking the NFL odds. But unfortunately, this isn’t the case for many of the NFL players we see today who make money on and off the court.

Come with us as we examine how some NFL players make their money and how many of the wealthiest NFL players make it. 

How do NFL players make money?

Sports are widely loved among the public, with many watching multiple games during the year and keeping up with their favourite players. The NFL is an amazing sport that has events, matches, and many more linked to it. The NFL players are some of the most widely loved players of all time, and of course, we’ve all wanted to find out how they afford their lifestyles. Below we look at how some NFL players are making their money. 


NFL players are highly influential on and off the court, which is why brands and companies love using them to help bring brand awareness to their products. This is because many fans are fascinated with not only the game but also the players of the game. 

Sponsorships can come in many forms, such as the entire team getting sponsored or just an individual in the team getting sponsored. Either way, sponsorships are an amazing way to earn extra income, and many NFL players make millions each year. 

It’s important to note that NFL players get sponsorships based on their audience. This means that payments may vary from player to player, depending on the target audience. Most sponsorship deals are made through NFL player managers with access to such opportunities. 

Some NFL players can even become brand ambassadors for online casinos, allowing players to bet on things such as the Vegas NFL odds. 

Signing bonuses

If you love keeping up with your favourite NFL player, you’ll know they’ve signed as a signing bonus. A signing bonus is the team’s way of getting a certain player to sign back-heavy contracts. 

Back-heavy contracts are simply contracts that, in many cases, pay the player more in the later years of the contract. 

It’s important to remember that signing bonuses are guaranteed money the player will get whether they play for the team or stay with it.

Base salary

Some of us may not be as different from NFL players as we think, as most NFL players earn a base salary. The base salary of an NFL player depends on the experience or years the NFL player has played for. This means that the lowest-paid NFL players are rookies and players with two or fewer seasons of playing. For example, a player who has spent four years in the league could have a minimum of $900 000 in base salaries, making it a lot less likely for them to place their bets on the NFL lines.

How much the most famous NFL players make

We’ve all become curious about how much our favourite NFL players make. So come with us as we look at how much certain NFL players make.

Partick Mahomes II

If you love the Kansas City Chiefs, you’ll know of Partick Lavon Mahomes II. You’ll also know that Partick signed a 10-year contract with Kansas City Chiefs that comes in at a whopping $45 000 000.

Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald is part of the Los Angeles Rams and plays the defensive tackle on the team. His current annual contract value is at a staggering $31 600 000, which is amazing. 

Cooper Kupp

Aaron isn’t the only famous player on the Los Angeles Rams, and he has Cooper Kupp shooting right behind him. Kupp comes in at an amazing $26 700 000 a year, which makes his deal even sweeter. 


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