How to sell and take feet pics - money making tips revealed!

How to sell and take feet pics – money making tips revealed!

Everyone has a “best side” when it comes to taking pictures. Whether you’re trying to hide your belly fat, thick thighs, or muffin top, you’re probably an expert at which poses and angles show off your best features while minimizing your flaws. This same principle applies when taking foot pics.

My name’s Stacy and when I first started selling feet pics, I had no clue what I was doing. My toes looked stubby and misshapen, the wrinkles in my heels made my feet look twice their age, and I could never get that sexy, defined arch that highlighted the gorgeous curves of my foot.

It wasn’t until I started posing in front of the mirror and taking hundreds (yes, I said HUNDREDS) of feet pics at a time and examining them that I realized, there really is a right and wrong way to take a high-quality foot pic.

Now, I’m here to share my how-to guide on taking feet pics so you can stop wasting your time and start capitalizing on your talent. Before long, every picture you post will result in a sale and a big deposit in your bank account.

The Dos and Don’ts of Taking Feet Pics

Before I share my secrets for taking the best, sexiest, and most profitable feet pics, here’s my go-to list of the do’s and don’ts that will speed up production time so you can land more sales, faster. 


  • Switch it up (shoes/no shoes, indoors/outdoors, painted nails/natural nails – you get the point)
  • Edit your work 
  • Play around with filters, lighting, props, and angles
  • Schedule foot pic photoshoots to keep your inventory fresh and relevant
  • Research what’s trending in the foot pic industry to meet the demand
  • Pamper your feet
  • Consider choosing a niche without limiting your creativity
  • Remember, not all buyers have a foot fetish – create diverse content that appeals to all types of buyers 


  • Use the same angles and positions over and over again
  • Copy other sellers
  • Compromise quality for quantity
  • Post the first picture, you take without reviewing it for flaws or imperfections
  • Add too many props or accessories that take away from the natural beauty of your feet
  • Include details that might reveal your identity (if you plan to remain anonymous)

Tops 10 Tips for Taking Quality Feet Pics 

There are countless articles online promising to offer the secrets to success when it comes to taking and selling feet pics. Instead of wasting your time scrolling through the same old pieces of advice, check out my top proven methods that will take your foot pic business to the next level.

1. Practice in the Mirror

In life, practice makes perfect. Whether you’re learning a new skill or sharpening an old one, without practice, you won’t uncover the areas that need improvement. No matter how many foot pics you take, the only way to really learn how your feet move and which poses and positions look best is to practice in a mirror.

I have a full-length mirror in the corner of my bedroom. This is where I sit for about 10 to 15 minutes per day just playing around with my feet. There’s no rhyme or reason to the things I do. Sometimes, I’ll grab my feet with my hands then curl then flex my toes, while other times I’ll try standing on my tippy toes or sitting with my knees bent. I pay close attention to which parts of my foot look best doing which poses. Remember, though, what looks good to you may not look good to someone else so check out which foot pics are selling best and then try to replicate these without copying them exactly. 

2. Hire a Photographer

If you can’t seem to get the perfect angle or capture the right pose, consider hiring a photographer for your next foot pic photoshoot. I was struggling to capture a beautiful picture of my feet in water with rose petals floating around them but it just wasn’t possible. I didn’t have enough hands and I was deathly afraid of dropping my phone in the small tub I was using.

That’s when I elicited the help of my boyfriend. Hiring a photographer doesn’t have to involve spending money. If you have it to spend, hire a professional. If not, you can do what I did, and guilt your significant other, friend, sibling, or even coworker to lend a hand. With a little practice, anyone with a smartphone can capture a gorgeous foot pic so don’t be afraid to ask for help getting that perfect shot. 

3. Take Photo Bursts

There’s nothing worse than finishing a photoshoot and cleaning up all of your supplies only to realize that the photo you took is off-center, cropped your toes off, or simply isn’t what you expected. I found that the best way to avoid this is to take photo bursts. This is simple and involves holding in the camera button on your phone until it captures between 10 and 12 photos of the same still shot. 

Even if you don’t think there’s a significant difference between each image, I can assure you, there is. Take the time to look through each photo until you find your favorite. You may notice a shadow in one frame that’s not present in another or the light might shine off your toenail polish in one picture but not the other. Taking photo bursts is a great way to guarantee that you capture the perfect foot pic. Plus, it gives you plenty of options and perspectives of the same basic image. 

4. Experiment with Unconventional Backgrounds

We’ve all seen foot pics where a beautiful pair of feet with bright red painted toenails are resting daintily on a bed or solid-colored backdrop. Can you say… boring? Even the overdone photos of feet in the sand on the beach or crossed delicately over one another are a snooze. It’s time to get creative and start really thinking outside the box with your backdrops and backgrounds.

Get outdoors and snap pics of your bare feet in the grass, on asphalt, on a basketball court, on the hood of your car, up in the air with the clouds in the backdrop, or even resting on your partner’s lap. There are endless ways to photograph your feet. Pay close attention to how the colors of the backdrop either complement or dull your skin tone and other aspects of the photo. 

5. Think Like a Foot Fetishist

Tapping into the psyche of your target audience is key in any business venture and selling feet pics is no different. When I started viewing my foot content through the eyes of a foot lover rather than through the eyes of a seller looking to make money (me), everything changed. You may have heard the phrase, “Give the people what they want.” I quickly learned this applies to generating foot content as well.

Chat with your buyers about their likes and dislikes. Interact with fans on social media to dig deeper into what makes them tick, what types of foot content they want, and why. Ask plenty of questions and join online forums and communities for foot fetishes. The more you know about the industry and the types of content people want, the better equipped you’ll be to produce foot pics that sell. 

6. Play Around with Different Angles

You’ve probably seen this piece of advice on other lists of how to take feet pics, but my approach to capturing your feet from different angles is slightly different than other content creators I know. Take your feet pics from unconventional positions, like lying on your back looking straight up at your feet, or your legs crossed with the foot of your top leg flexed upward toward the camera. 

It’s all about taking traditional angles and poses and flipping them on their heads. Literally! Take your feet pics from the top down and then the bottom up. Position your feet with your toes pointing inward, then outward. Set up your phone on a tripod or use the camera’s timer feature and take a foot pic from across the room or experiment with extreme close-ups. While some of my wackiest ideas fell flat, others turned out to be my biggest paydays. Sometimes, it’s worth taking the risk. 

7. Size Up Your Competition

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. The foot pic industry is quite competitive and it’s only getting more intense as an increased number of people are trying to break into the biz. One of my best pieces of advice is to keep a close eye on your competition. All too often content creators are so worried about their own work and losing work to others that they completely overlook the opportunity to learn from their competitors instead.

What types of foot pics is your biggest competitor selling and for how much? Read the comments and chat with buyers. What about the foot pics do people love and what aspects do they wish were different? Use this information to fuel your own creativity. Mimic the aspects of the foot pic that people were drawn to while improving on their imperfections or flaws. Your competition’s most recent misstep could end up being your greatest advantage. 

8. Get Down and Dirty

I thought the only types of foot pics that would sell were the ones where my feet were beautiful, moisturized, and perfectly pedicured. I quickly learned that while there’s definitely a market for these types of foot pics, there’s an equally vast and profitable market for dirty, nasty feet pics. From feet submerged in mud, seaweed, and even food items to black soles (not to be confused with a black soul), cracked heels, and even warts, these gnarly foot pics are a turn-on for some people.

If you’re not afraid of getting down and dirty in the foot pic business, you could add some less-than-attractive images to your collection. Start off with something basic like pictures of your feet after a barefoot walk outside or your feet covered in jello or pudding. See what your feet look like after a week without moisturizer. You’d be surprised at how cracked and dry your heels become – and even more surprised by how many people want to see it for themselves. 

9. Cover Up 

Most of the feet pics you see online are of bare feet. That’s because most foot lovers want to see your naked tootsies in all their glory. But not everyone is interested in bare feet. There are plenty of people out there looking for pics of your feet in a variety of sexy coverings from heels and boots to sandals, socks, and fishnet stockings.

I’ve always loved shoe shopping and now, I have an excuse to do it. One of my biggest sales was when I posted a picture of my feet in thigh-high black leather boots with lace ties up the back. While you couldn’t see my actual feet, the arches of the boots were insanely high and my legs looked amazing in them! Now, some of my favorite foot pics to take include socks, slippers, and hosiery. 

10. Use (But Don’t Overuse) Filters

Filters aren’t just for Snapchat and Instagram. There are plenty of ways to play around with the lighting, color balance, hue, and saturation of your feet’ pics. Did you know that some people actually search specifically for “black and white feet pics”? There’s something timeless and classic about a black-and-white photo and, apparently, this applies to feet pics as well.

After every photoshoot, as I’m reviewing and editing my foot pics, I also play around with different filters and color saturations. You’ll notice that some filters are a little over the top and make your feet look eerie instead of irresistible. Others, add just the right amount of light, definition, shadows, and personality. The one rule about applying filters to your feet pics is to not overdo it. Be sure to include plenty of other natural foot pics in your inventory. Similar to being catfished on social media, most buyers want to see your feet in all their natural glory, not doctored by smoke and mirrors. 

Take and Sell Foot Pics Like a Pro

Whether you’ve been selling feet pics for years or are just starting out, certain tips and tricks can help you take beautiful feet pics every single time. In the beginning, I would upload boring, lackluster, photos and wonder why I wasn’t making any money. Once I started stepping outside the shoe box, it opened up a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities. 

I hope my tips for how to take foot pics can help you on your journey toward becoming a top-selling foot content creator! 


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