The Britain Paralympic Stefanie Reid husband, accident and disability

The Britain Paralympic Stefanie Reid husband, accident and disability

Stefanie McLeod “Stef” Reid MBE aka Stefanie Reid is a Great Britain track and field Paralympian who specializes in category T44 long jump and sprint events. Reid was also a semi-finalist on Celebrity MasterChef in 2018 and will compete in Dancing on Ice’s fourteenth season in 2022. Brent Lakatos, her spouse, is a wheelchair racer from Canada who recently earned a Silver medal at the Tokyo Paralympics. Continue reading to learn more about Stefanie Reid husband, relationship, accident, and net worth.

Who is Stefanie Reid husband? Does she have children?

Brent Lakatos, a Canadian wheelchair racer who recently earned a Silver medal for Canada at the Tokyo Paralympics, is Stefanie Reid’s husband. Brent Lakatos won the silver medal in the men’s T53 100-meter final with a time of 14.55 seconds. With this, he has now won a total of ten Paralympic medals in his career. He has a degree in software engineering and works as a consultant in addition to being an athlete. In addition, he was a wheelchair basketball player at the University of Texas in the United States of America, where he helped the team win the national championship in 2002. He won three silver medals in sprint and mid-distance events at the 2012 Paralympics, as well as a gold medal at the 2016 Paralympics, According to Stefanie Reid husband.

Stefanie Reid husband
Stefanie Reid is with her husband Source: Olympics

They’ve been married for a couple of years and have a happy life together. They do not yet have children together, according to the information we have received. Brent can be found on Facebook (Brent Lakatos) and Twitter @BrentLak), among other places. There is no additional information available about her previous relationships or affairs.

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What is her husband Brent Lakatos disability?

Brent Lakatos was paralyzed in his lower limbs when he was six years old. He involved in a skating accident, and the impact of striking the ice created a blood clot in his spine, paralyzing him. It took him a long time to recuperate, and he had to start using a wheelchair after that. Similarly, he belongs to the T53 category because his trunk and legs movement are severely hampered.

When employing the compensator, these athletes must stop pushing and rely only on their arms and shoulders to produce force. He hospitalized in May 2015 while attending an event in Arbon, Switzerland, due to illness.

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How did Stefanie Reid’s accident change her life? What actually happens to her?

It was the summer before her 16th birthday, and she was spending the weekend in Canada with a friend and her family at their lakeside home. They had a boat, and they were having a blast connecting an inflatable ring to it and attempting to cling on as we sped across the river. She flew off the ring and into the lake once, but something wasn’t quite right as she floated there waiting for the boat to turn around and pick her up. As it got closer, the boat — which could seat 10-12 people – didn’t seem to slow down. It was on its way to kill her. “There had been a misunderstanding between the driver and the spotter, and they hadn’t noticed her– I needed to think quickly,” she explained. I had been trained as a lifeguard and an excellent swimmer, but I knew I couldn’t outswim a boat.”

She determined the best course of action was to dive as deep as she could and let the water pass over her. Stefanie was, however, wearing a lifejacket and fiddling with the clips when she noticed the ridge beneath the boat looming above her. She had been underwater for what seemed like an eternity, and when she eventually surfaced, panting for air, she was in no discomfort. Her initial reaction was, “That was fortunate. She’s not going to tell her mother about it!” Then she saw the water was red all around her. Something was wrong because everyone on the boat was freaking out. The propeller had grabbed her across her right leg, glutes, and lower back, though she couldn’t see her injuries below the water. It had almost cut her in half, she didn’t realize.

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Has she recovered from her accident? Has she got her sporting dream back?

“She’s young, she’s an athlete, she’s fit, she could have a shot,” said the greatest orthopedic surgeon in the country when she transfer to a larger hospital. “I was just thankful to be alive when I woke up after my operation,” she added. My surgeon had done wonders for me. There are a lot of critical organs around your lower back where my primary wound was, and propellers are nasty, but I told the wound had been clean, the surgery had gone well, and no spinal damage had occurred.”

I had not tried any sport for eight months after my accident until my volleyball coach convinced me to play a game. She was unable to play rugby following her accident, but she has not given up on her dream. Her focus is now on the long jump, and she lives and trains in Loughborough with her husband, Canadian wheelchair racer Brent Lakatos, who is also competing in Rio. In London 2012, she won a silver medal in the long jump, and I’m hoping to add to that in Brazil. She rekindled her sporting ambitions, and she did so in the most unexpected way.

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