Six teen girls died after car collision: Semi-truck driver, families, investigation

Six teen girls died after car collision: Semi-truck driver, families, investigation

The six high school students killed in an Oklahoma semi-truck crash on Tuesday afternoon at 1 p.m. All six girls were killed in a crash on Tuesday when their vehicle attempted to turn onto US 377. The driver was 16 years old, three other girls were 15 years old, and the other two passengers were both 17 years old. Valendon Burton, 51, was identified as the semi-truck driver that collided with their vehicle. Come down to learn more about the names of six teen girls, a semi-truck driver, families, and an investigation, among other things:

Who were the six teen girls killed in a car crash in Oklahoma highway? Their age, families and relatives

Six teen girls died
A heavily damaged vehicle in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, which killed six teen girls

According to the superintendent of Tishomingo Public School, the girls were all students there. The driver was 16 years old, three other girls were 15 years old, and the other two passengers were both 17 years old. According to the OHP report, four of the girls, including the driver, died at the scene of the accident. After being transferred to the hospital, the other two girls died. Friends and relatives have identified the six girls murdered after a truck collided with their car at an Oklahoma intersection. Gracie Machado, Brooklyn Triplett, Austin Holt, Madison Robertson, Addison Gratz, and Memory Wilson were the victims, according to local reports.

Gracie’s sister Sadie Machado posted a photo on Facebook of herself with Gracie with the caption, ‘my best friend’ and a broken heart emoji.  Friends also paid tribute to Brooklyn, a cheerleader and avid softball player. 

‘Brooklyn was an amazing kid, she loved her family and friends wholeheartedly,’ read a tribute on a GoFundMe campaign for the family. ‘She was a loyal friend and one hell of a ball player! She will be missed deeply by our family.’

Austin, who was active in Future Farmers of America and enjoyed showing her prize hogs, was confirmed as another victim of the crash by relative Natalie Houston. ‘She was a gorgeous intelligent young lady taken away too soon for reasons unknown to me,’ Houston wrote on Facebook.

Where did the accident happen that killed  Tishomingo Public School’s 6 teen students? 

The two vehicles crashed near the crossroads of US 377 and Oklahoma 22 in Tishomingo, a small city of roughly 3,000 people located about 115 miles southeast of Oklahoma City, at 12:19 p.m. on Tuesday. The girls’ vehicle was going eastbound on Oklahoma 22 when it came to a halt at the intersection with US 377 just before 12:30 p.m., according to troopers.

According to OHP Trooper Shelby Humphrey, the females attempted to perform a U-turn at the intersection, which is at the end of a 90-degree arc of US 377 from east to south.

According to KXII-TV, the semi was approaching from the east on US 377 when it hit the girls’ car. According to KXII-TV, the force of the impact sent the car roughly 300 feet away from the crossing, leaving it in a twisted heap with doors ripped off.

The circumstances of the incident are still being investigated, according to the crash report provided by OHP on Wednesday morning.

Tishomingo Public School Superintendent Bobby Waitman said in a Facebook post

 that the district had “a great loss” involving students from the district’s high school.

Who is the semi-truck driver and How uninjured was he?

The semi-truck driver Valendon Burton, 51 Source:

Valendon Burton, 51, was identified as the semi-truck driver who slammed into their car. Burton, the truck’s driver, was also a volunteer firefighter who recently wrote on the situation in Ukraine, saying he hoped for a quick end to the crisis. Burton was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident and was not injured as a result of it. There have been no charges filed as of yet.

What did the police state during their investigation into the Six teen girls who died in a car accident case?

The crash report, released Wednesday morning, said the circumstances of the wreck remained under investigation. But Highway Patrol Trooper Shelby Humphrey said Tuesday night that the girls’ car was making a right U-turn when it collided with the truck.

Only the 16-year-old driver and front-seat passenger were wearing seat belts when the 2015 Chevrolet Spark collided with the truck, according to the Highway Patrol.

‘The unbelted people put everyone at risk,’ Van Tessel said. ‘In a crash, the unbuckled people fly around all over the place,’ injuring others inside the vehicle.

Oklahoma is the only state where passengers who are more than 7 years old and in the backseat of a car do not have to wear a seat belt, said Leslie Gamble, the manager of public and government relations for AAA-Oklahoma.

The inquiry remains ongoing, and the NTSB has dispatched a team of four investigators and a family assistance expert to Oklahoma to look into a number of issues in collaboration with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

They will assess roadway conditions such as lighting and weather, as well as accident histories at the site and potential causes of human error. They will also look into the vehicle’s adherence to federal and state rules.

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt called it a “sad day” for the state and said that he and his wife were mourning for the girls and praying for their families.


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