Meet basketball player Philip Scrubb wife: When did they get hitched?

Meet basketball player Philip Scrubb wife: When did they get hitched?

Born as Philip Alexander Scrubb, Philipp Scrubb is a British-Canadian basketball player. He currently plays for Nigeria River Lions. Besides his club career, he also played for the Canadian national team since 2015. He is currently performing as a guard in the FIBA Championship held in Indonesia, Japan, & Philippines. In 2023, he re-signed a contract with the Nigeria Rover Lions. Today in this topic, we’ll discuss Phillip Scrubb’s wife, their married life and other details.

Who is Philip Scrubb wife? When did they get hitched? kids

Philip Scrubb wife: is a happily living married man. He celebrated his wedding with his long-term girlfriend Alexandra Scrubb, on July 16, 2022. It has been more than 1 year of their marriage, and the couple is blissfully living as husband and wife. Before celebrating their wedding, the couple engaged on June 27, 2021.

Philip Scrubb wife Alexandra
Philip Scrubb wife Alexandra Image – insta

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Do Philip Scrubb and Alexandra have kids?

The basketball player is currently living happily with his spouse. The couple met back in 2015. After knowing each other, the couple started dating in 2016. Its have been seven years, and they have been happy in their relationship. Currently, they do not have any kids. Alexandra is 9 months pregnant now. Very soon, she is going to bring a beautiful baby in this world.

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The loving duo is blessed with a baby daughter

As we mentioned above, Alexandra Scrubb was 9 months pregnant with the child of Philp. His wife Alexandra announced pregnancy through her Instagram post. They were really happy about ther upcoming child. Alexandra often posted about her pregnancy on her social media with captions like:

“Waiting for you”

Happy Mother’s Day Honoured to be joining the club!

& many other captions and photos, it all describe the couple as being very happy to be a father and mother. 

Eventually, the day came, on 9 October 2023, Alexandra gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. However, they haven’t disclosed the name of their loving child.

After the birth of the kid, their social media are bombarded with messages like

Philip Scrubb daughter
Philip Scrubb wife Alexandra blessed with a baby daughter
Image – Insta

“Congratulations to the family and the Birth with No Regret team in Istanbul welcome to our world dear India Rose “

“Congratulations Alex! Welcome to the world Indie Rose”

“Right on! Congrats guys. All the best! Parenting is easy, you’ll see”

What is the profession of Philip Scrubb wife? Education

Philip Scrubb is a University of Carleton graduate. She is an undergraduate in Mass communication. After graduation, she received a Master’s in the same subject. During her collegiate years, she was also a basketball player. She played basketball for the Universty of Carleton in 2015-16.

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Philip Scrubb all set to play for Olympics 2024
Philip Scrubb all set to play for Olympics 2024
Image – iNSTA

How tall is Philip Scrubb? Age & Weight

Playing as a point guard/shooting guard, Philip Scrubb has a height of 6 feet 4 inches, which is around 1.94m. His billed weight is 94 kg. As of 2023, his age is 30.


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