How much does Sarah J Maas make a year? Net worth, husband

How much does Sarah J Maas make a year? Net worth, husband

Sarah Janet Maas is an American fantasy author known for her fantasy series Throne of Glass, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and Crescent City. As of 2022, she has sold over twelve million copies of her books and her work has been translated into 37 languages. Apart from her professional life, she is a married woman. Scroll down to know more details about Sarah J Maas net worth, husband, children, and many more.

How much is Sarah J Maas net worth? How does she make his money?

While estimates of Sarah J. Maas’s net worth vary, most sources put it in the $10–40 million range, with $12 million being the average estimate.

Her main source of income as a best-selling author is book sales. With over 12 million copies sold globally, she has earned hefty royalties. Throne of Glass, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and Crescent City are some of her best-known television shows.

A Court of Thorns and Roses, Crescent City, and Throne of Glass are just a few of the books she has written that are being made into movies or television shows. Her net worth has increased due to these adaptations, which probably entail producer responsibilities or license fees.

Official clothing, accessories, and home products are available as merchandise inspired by her paintings. She probably gets paid a portion of sales, which increases her revenue. She makes appearances at conventions, book signings, and other events in exchange for compensation related to possible book sales.

Who is Sarah J Maas husband Josh Wasserman? When they married? 

Sarah J Maas is a happily married woman and mother of kids. Sarah J Maas married her long-term dating partner Josh Wasserman.The beautiful couple tied the knot in 2010. According to his LinkedIn, he is a residential development professional and the co-owner of Wasserman Development Group, a role he’s held since 2015. There isn’t much other publicly available information about Josh Wasserman’s personal life or interests.

May 30, 2016, She shared a photo with her sweet heart along with the caption: 6 years ago today, I married my best friend (and the greatest guy in the entire universe). 💖💖💐👰🏼💍💐💖💖 I’m so tremendously blessed to share my life with such a kind, selfless, adventurous, and brilliant person, who never fails to make me laugh (and swoon a bit!), even after 12 years together. He’s currently making me buttermilk brown sugar waffles, and I have never loved him moreee. 

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In this wedding dress, the lovebirds look gorgeous and it shows the best couple and made for each other. They are both seen as blissful life partners for forever. Additionally, happiness increases when one’s love becomes a lifelong marriage. As a married pair, the couple is enjoying every moment of it.

When and how did the lovebirds meet? Relationship

Sarah has occasionally shared some endearing memories regarding their relationship, but Josh usually avoids the spotlight. Sarah states that when she first saw them on her first day of college at Hamilton College, it was love at first sight! After the first meeting, things fell together naturally and led to the blossoming of a love relationship. Together, they have created a lovely life, and their family keeps growing. 

How many children does the couple have? Who are they? When are they born?

Sarah J Maas husband and her son
Sarah J Maas husband and her son Instagram

The adorable couple chose to start a family and become parents after a year of marriage. The couple in love wants to have a child so they can experience the emotion, love, and care that the child brings. 

The couple is blessed with two children. Their son, Taran was born on June 1st 2018. The beautiful couple welcomed their second child, a daughter. Their daughter’s name is Sloane, she was born in 2022.



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