About Trey Kennedy income, Family, Childhood and Vine Videos

About Trey Kennedy income, Family, Childhood and Vine Videos

Comics and sensations from social media, Trey Kennedy and John Christ are behind some of today’s funniest viral videos on the internet, raking in big hits and laughing with fans all over the globe by 2019.

Trey Kennedy on his 3 minutes video: Mom

Comedian Trey Kennedy Makes Video of What Moms Are, which is recently on highlight. If you love vines, then you must be familiar to the social star Trey Kennedy. The 5ft 8inch Trey Kennedy got a huge fan following from his videos, which he posts on social networking apps. He is a star and musician who is famous for 6-sec video app vines. Since he published his first video on Feb 18, 2013, has been followed over 1 million fan followers in the Instagram account.

Trey Kennedy’s Childhood

The Vine lover Trey Kennedy was born on Nov 17, 1992, and raised by a medium class family who lived Edmond and Still-water, Oklahoma, US. He has only his younger sister Kaci Lynn. His family sets him always free to have his decisions for his life.

Trey was a shy kid from his childhood, but he always wished to collect fame as a singer. None of his family were from singing, but he keeps on accelerating his passion from radio and voice was like god gifted. Trey sang in front of the college, and he found that his voice has the magical power to raise audience from the crowd. His friends kept on motivating him to sing, and they encouraged him a lot.

Kennedy’s Career

Transforming his passion into a reality, he took his first step as a singer from a local charity event.

Comedian Trey Kennedy is making money from youtube channel
Comedian Trey Kennedy on his youtube channel

Afterward, he ranked as a top 100 most followed Viner in 2015. Trey earned over 90k subscribers on YouTube, which is not a minor at age 25. Not only in professional life, but he is also a funny man as in personal life as well.

Trey on Social Media Accounts

Kennedy is pretty active on social media; keep on uploading photos and videos he got huge fans on the internet.
In 2012, Trey released the album titled “one more time,” including tracks such as “Take me to the river” in 2016. Then after he continues with “Flashing Lights,” “All Of Me”, “Hey Baby” and “Poisonous Love,” which was a tremendously positive response from fans after the death of vines.

Trey Kennedy on YouTube: Millennials be like..

His latest release was in mid of 2018, the song entitled “Irresistible” which is keeping on fans alive.

Net Worth and Salary

He is therefore projected to receive an average wage of $32k as a music artist. Trey also makes a wage of up to $9,000 per post as per wiki sites as an Instagram comedian, YouTuber and influencer. Although Tray’s net worth stays limited, he certainly owns a million dollars as a character of social media.


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