Ray Dalio wife Barbara Dalio, net worth $20 billion, donation, Sons

Ray Dalio wife Barbara Dalio 44 years of togetherness

Ray Dalio married Barbara in the year 1976/77 and currently resides in Connecticut’s Greenwich area; where the couple was claimed to be practicing Transcendental Meditation. The couple were blessed with four sons and all settled well. His father’s foot step blesses the sons and they are all well received. Let’s talk about Ray Dalio wife Barbara Dalio, and how she is helping her husband.

Ray Dalio and wife barbara
Ray Dalio and wife Barbara Dalio. Source: YouTube

Ray Dalio married his partner Barbara for over 40 years. Barbara is from Spain and he also visits Spain for her in order to spend some time with her where she was born. The pair have four adult children. His aunt is Gertrude Vandbilt Whitney’s mother.

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They have four daughters, Devon, Paul, Mark and Matthew. Devon, their eldest son (born 26 March 1978), was named after cattle from North Devon, since at the time Ray was heavily interested in cattle futures. Second son Paul Dalio is a director of films. Their third son, Matthew Ace “Matt” Dalio, is the founder and chairman of the China Care Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to assist Chinese orphans, and co-founder and CEO of Endless Mobile, Inc., a computer operating system firm. Their youngest son is wildlife filmmaker Mark Dalio.

Dalio family always there for Connecticut people

Ray Dalio wife Barabara Dalio
Barbara declaration to donate to connecticut’s public schools. Source: TheHour

A recent declaration to Connecticut’s public schools of a donation from Dalio Philanthropies brings Barbara Dalio’s work in education to the forefront. She’s a hands-on philanthropist and the wife of Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, one of the most successful hedge funds in the U.S. The income of those signatories of the Giving Pledge is valued at over $20 billion.

As part of a public-private initiative to help disengaged youth in public schools, Connecticut’s Dalios and state government will give $100 million each toward a proposed $300 million project. They are calling on other philanthropists and business leaders over the next five years to contribute the remaining portion. Ray Dalio wife Barbara Dalio is always supporting her husband. The donation from Dalio is the largest recognized philanthropic contribution to support the state of Connecticut so far.

Ray Dalio introduction and his business profile…

Ray Dalio is a reputed American business magnate, businessman and founder of Bridgewater Associates, an investment company. We can be familier of his strengths from book Ray Dalio principles (Principles of Ray Dalio). He was born in Jackson Heights, Queens, on 8 August. He should have featured on the Time magazine’s list of 100 most influential people in the world back in 2012 as well as 50 most influential people on the Bloomberg’s market.

Ray Dalio principles.
Ray Dalio’s book. Source: Twitter

Ray Dalio is the founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund firm which manages some $160 billion. Dalio’s tactics are controversial and include videotaping meetings and promoting blunt honesty among his employees, but in recent years of market turbulence and uncertainty they have proven especially successful. In 2011, Dalio profited from investing in U.S. and German government bonds and the U.S. Treasury securities are safe from inflation. Bridgewater is now such a gold mine that the company itself has become an enticing investment and Dalio has recently been selling its clients shares in the company.


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