Andrea Bocelli wife Enrica Cenzatti, Veronica Berti- Andrea Bocelli children

Let’s talk about Andrea Bocelli’s family and his wives.

Andrea Bocelli was born in Lajatico, Tuscany, Italy, on 22 September 1958. He learnt to play the piano, flute and saxophone as a child. Visually disabled from birth, at the age of 12, Bocelli became blind after a football injury. His big break came when a demo tape landed in Luciano Pavarotti’s pockets. His album Bocelli in 1995 did well in Europe, and the Sogno in 1999 became an international success. Nowadays he remains one of the most famous singers in the world. Singer Andrea Bocelli net worth is around £30 million. We are going to talk about Andrea Bocelli children and Andrea Bocelli wife.

Andrea Bocelli wife Enrica Cenzatti & Veronica Berti …

Andrea Bocelli first wife Enrica Cenzatti
Andrea Bocelli wife Enrica Cenzatti and son. Source: Idol Persona

In 1992 Bocelli got married to his first wife, Enrica Cenzatti. The pair had two sons, Amos and Matteo, before they divorced in 2002.

Andrea Bocelli Wife Veronica Berti wedding picture
Andrea Bocelli Wife Veronica Berti. Source: Live Well Network

The same year, his manager Veronica Berti became Andrea Bocelli wife, in 2014. Veronica gave birth to her first child, Bocelli’s third child, Virginia, in 2012. They had married at a ceremony in Livorno, Italy, in March 2014. Around the time the Italian tenor was 55 and his new bride 30.

Until then, Veronica has served as the vice-chairman of the foundation, taking responsibility for funding, and supporting the organization.

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Andrea Bocelli career after his blindness

The young Andrea showed immense promise as a singer despite the setback with his sight, winning his first competition at the age of just 14 with a ‘O Sole Mio’ version. It did not seem, though, that music was the right career option for Bocelli-he went to study law at the University of Pisa but kept singing in bars for extra money. Bocelli’s luck changed when a demo tape of him singing, via the Italian rock star Zucchero, found its way into Luciano Pavarotti’s side. On tour with Zucchero, Bocelli was invited where the two performed the song ‘Miserere’ together. In the early days of his career Pavarotti remained supportive of Bocelli, inviting him to play at his annual charity gala concert in Modena, ‘Pavarotti International.’

Bocelli at live
Bocelli singing live: On this day .Source: Today in History

Bocelli had his first taste of success at a singing competition in 1970 according to his website. He continued to refine his talent, with Luciano Bettarini studying voice. His parents wanted him to become an attorney, and Bocelli studied law while at the University of Pisa and then became a court-appointed lawyer after graduating from the law school. Yet he didn’t give up on his songs. Bocelli trained with Franco Corelli and began playing piano in bars to get his lessons paid for.

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Andrea Bocelli children and family

Bocelli released a new song, ‘Fall On Me,’ featuring his son’s voice, Matteo Bocelli, on 20 September 2018. The song will appear on the 26 October 2018 release of his album, ‘Sì.’

Andrea Bocelli children and family
Boelli with family . Source: Prince George Citizen

Andrea Bocelli children are-Amos, 24, and Matteo, 21, with his ex-wife Enrica Cenzatti, whom he met early on in his career while performing in piano bars.

Andrea disclosed in the past that his parents were advised to abort him, as doctors expected the birth of a disabled future popular artist. It was immediately apparent at birth that Bocelli had poor eyesight and he was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma.

The disorder would ultimately lead to Andrea’s love of the music which would make him so famous later on.


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