Who Is Lilia Paredes, the wife of Pedro Castillo? Family, Children, and net worth Before Arrest

Who Is Lilia Paredes, the wife of Pedro Castillo? Family, Children, and net worth Before Arrest

José Pedro Castillo Terrones is a Peruvian politician, former elementary school teacher, and union leader who served as president of Peru from 28 July 2021 to 7 December 2022, having won the 2021 Peruvian general election. On 7 December 2022, he was impeached by the Congress of Peru after attempting to dissolve it. Following Pedro Castillo’s impeachment trial removal on Wednesday during a day of intense political drama in the Andean nation, Dina Boluarte, a politician from Peru, was sworn in as president. Apart from his professional lids, he is a married man. Scroll down for more detail about Pedro Castillo’s net worth, esposa (wife), loss of the presidential election, and many more.

 How much is Pedro Castillo’s net worth/salary? How Much Money Did Pedro Castillo Have Before His Arrest?

Pedro Castillo’s net worth is estimated to be $1.04 billion in December 2022, just before he was arrested, according to Peopleai. Peruvian politician, union organizer, and elementary school teacher Pedro Castillo Terrones. He won the 2021 Peruvian general election, becoming the country’s president on July 28. Juan Castillo Salary per year: 22,936,188.00, per month: 1,911,349.00, per week: 441,080.54, and per day: 88,216.11

Pedro Castillo's net worth
Pedro Castillo, in his working time, sources Instagram

Castillo was called in to give testimony in two trials involving the questionable acquisition of biodiesel for more than $70 million by the Heaven Petroleum Operators firm by the state company Petroper. Castillo received the official designation of president-elect of Peru on July 19, 2021, one week before he assumed office.

A few days before his appointment, Castillo and his economic advisor Pedro Francke met with Ambassador Liang Yu at the Chinese embassy in Peru to discuss an expedited distribution of Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccines in Peru. Contrary to previous administrations, where most ministers were from Lima, Castillo’s picks were primarily from interior regions.

With three ministers from Free Peru and three more former instructors close to Castillo, most of the clergy members belonged to leftist and independent organizations that were allies.

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 Who is Pedro Castillo wife Lilia Paredes? How many children does the couple have?

Pedro Castillo is a happily married man and father of kids. Castillo is married to Lilia Paredes. Paredes married Pedro Castillo, a teacher, in 2000. Teacher Lilia Ulcida Paredes Navarro, the wife of President Pedro Castillo, served as Peru’s first lady from 28 July 2021 to 7 December 2022. While her husband is a Catholic, she and her children are evangelicals.

They had been together since they were teenagers and had two children, Arnol and Alondra. Yenifer, her younger sister, who was reared by the couple as another daughter after her mother passed away, is also considered her kid.

Attempt to remove the president and dissolve the Congress

A national curfew was immediately imposed, Congress was dissolved, and a “government of exceptional emergency” was put in place on December 7, 2022, just hours before the Peruvian Congress was to vote on a third impeachment petition against Castillo. Castillo was removed from office after the Ombudsman of Peru referred to the attempted dissolution as a coup. The majority of Castillo’s cabinet resigned soon after his declaration.

Later on December 7th, Castillo was impeached and ousted from office by the Peruvian Congress. Out of 130 votes, the impeachment was approved, with a majority of 101 in favor and six against. Castillo tried to leave the country, but the national police apprehended and imprisoned him.


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