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All about Alberta student loans, features and plans

Students who are considered Alberta citizens are eligible for full-time and part-time support from Alberta Student Aid. Using one online application, you can apply for all loans and grants available from the provincial and federal governments. In June, applicants for the following academic year become eligible, and processing can take up to six weeks.

To evaluate your eligibility, Alberta Student Aid and the Canada Student Loans Program apply a financial need technique that balances your spending to your resources. Learn more about Alberta student loans, facilities, part-time loans, and other topics by scrolling down.

What are the features of Alberta student loans?

Government loans have various distinguishing qualities because they are design specifically for students:

Interest-free loans are possible if you are a full-time student and inform your provincial and/or federal student loan provider.

For full-time and part-time students, as well as students with special needs, information about interest-free status is available.

Students from other provinces or territories may be eligible for financial aid through their home province or territory (provincial or federal student loan schemes).

Students should apply for student loans as soon as possible to ensure that their financial help is recognized and validated, allowing them to pay their tuition and fees before the due date.

Each Term’s fee payment deadlines are specified in the Academic Schedule.

Completing your student loan application

Choose the Program / Specialization / Year of Studies that the student is enroll in for the academic year 2021-2022 by clicking the Multi-Select Box.


Students with a direct entry program: Specialization: What Program You Were Accepted Into AND What Year You Are In, For Example: 2nd Year in a 4 Year Program.

Important: Please check your Student Profile on webService for this information (Program/Major/Year) before completing your student loan application. If the information you provide on your student loan application differs from your AUArts webService – Student Profile information, AUArts will be unable to confirm your student loan, and you will need to cancel and reapply online.

What are the Minimum course load?

To be eligible for a student loan confirmation, students must be enroll in a minimum of 9 credits per semester (Fall and Winter). Students who drop below nine credits throughout the academic year will be notified by the Student Loan Office.

To be eligible for their student loan to be verified, students with a proven permanent impairment must take a minimum of six credits per semester (Fall and Winter).

Semester dates and educational fees

On your student loan application, click the Multi-Select option for the term you’re applying for. Select the following options if you want to apply for student loan support for the current academic year:

Start date: September 1, 2021, and end date: April 30, 2022.

Amounts will appear on their own (shaded light grey). Fill in the following figures in the boxes provided on your application:

Mandatory Fees for Tuition, Books, and Supplies

What is the Academic progress for student loans?

Students are eligible for student loan support for the number of years stipulate in their program plus one year. Undergraduate students at AUArts, for example, are eligible for student loans for a maximum of five years.

Students with a documented permanent impairment are not subject to the program length + one year limit, but they are still subject to the lifetime loan limits.

For a period of 12 months, students who withdraw from two study periods after receiving student aid funding will not be eligible for additional financing. This withdrawal restriction, however, does not apply to students who switch to part-time studies.

What are the Grant programs for students with disabilities?

Supplemental grant funds may be available for students with documented disability. The Student Loan/supplemental application is related to these grants, which are available through the Student Loan/supplemental application. Grants may be use to replace a portion of student loans in some cases, reducing the amount of debt a student will have from year to year.

Grants for supporting learning services, such as tutoring, academic strategy, note taking, supportive software, and other goods and services, may be in specific cases and base on the supplemental application.


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