NBA Players: How Rumors Affect NBA Players - 2023

NBA Players: How Rumors Affect NBA Players

When we’re thinking about the NBA, we’re usually thinking about the NBA picks today, but there’s more to the NBA than just who’s playing. NBA players are more than players; they are human beings who have real lives and get affected by rumours. 

Come with us as we look at how rumours affect NBA players.

The Effects of Rumors on NBA Players

For many of us, our love for our favourite NBA players doesn’t just start and finish on the court but extends to our daily lives. We follow our favourite NBA players on social media and many other platforms to learn about their daily lives. This means that NBA is more than just players but operates as more of a celebrity. Below we look at the impact rumours can have on NBA players.

Tarnished image: Loss of sponsorships

NBA players have an influence on and off the court, making it easier for brands and companies to want to work with them to help bring awareness, engagement, and many more to their brand. This means that NBA has things such as sponsorships that boost their income on a significant level. 

These sponsorships depend on many things and last for a certain period. During that period, the player is meant to uphold certain standards and remain within a specific image. 

When a player has rumours circulating either on the internet or on the news, it tends to taint the player’s image and paints them in a light that isn’t very flattering. In most cases, sponsoring companies will always try to save their brand or company by stopping and disassociating themselves from the NBA player. However, this comes with many complications, such as a loss of income that the NBA player may need to either pay back or lose due to the rumours. 

Along with rumours comes a tarnished image which can unfortunately not be replaced. The NBA player will always be known for having done something even though those allegations were proven to be false. The internet is a place that stores information meaning that those rumours will always be available for the next person to read. 

Also, depending on the rumours, NBA players and their families may be at risk.

Loss of fan support

When something is in demand, it tends to be of more value, especially in sports. Players are only as relevant as their support, making it easier for them to get the deals and sponsorships they need. When rumours make their rounds on the internet and news, it’s hard for people to know which. 

Many tend to believe in the bad rather than the good, leaving NBA players needing more support to remain relevant within the NBA community. The more irrelevant you are, the harder it will be for you to make money. 

Players Whose Lives Have Been Ruined by Rumors

Players’ careers are constantly getting ruined by rumours, and below, we look at the different players whose lives have been destroyed by stories. 

Barret Robbins

If you’ve heard of Barret Robbins, then you’ve heard of how he disappeared on the Raiders the day before the Super Bowl and resurfaced that night. Robins had gone to get assistance with his bipolar condition, which was unknown to all at the time. Fate would have it that Robbins returned the following season, but shortly after his return, he tested positive for steroids and was gracefully let go by the team. After this incident, Robbins’ career was left in shambles. 

Ricky Williams

We’ve all heard of Ricky’s sudden retirement from the NBA to pursue holistic medicine. Unfortunately, this pursuit landed him in trouble with the NBA drug policy. He ended up being suspended in the 2006 season. His career barely made it out of all the rumours alive, and since then, he’s seen what many may call a free agent. 


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