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Phil Godlewski wikipedia: net worth, relationship

Associate broker Phil Godlewski decided to change his employment and start streaming patriotic content on Telegram. He is from Pennsylvania’s Old Forge. Visit us to find out more about the Phil Godlewski wiki.

Phil Godlewski wikipedia: Education

He got a degree in Biology and Molecular Biology from Duquesne University in 2005. Later, he enrolled in the University of Scranton to get a pre-med in statistics and sciences.

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How much is Phil Godlewski net worth from his entire career?

Although Phil Godlewski net worth is still being calculated as of 2022, we anticipate it to be in the millions. He is currently a team leader and associate broker at ERA one source. When he founded Velocity Abstract in 2016, he began his professional career. The business in this hometown specialized in home insurance for usage in conjunction with the selling of a house.

Phil Godlewski net worth
Phil Godlewski sources:Instagram

He founded Valley Home Lones, a business that offered loans to homeowners, in 2018. He founded The Agency Real Estate Group and NEPA Estate Academy in the same year.

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Is he in a relationship? Who is Phil’s wife?

The two were engage on March 20th, 2022. Phil posted many photos on his Instagram related to their engagement.

Phil Godlewski is in a committed relationship with his favorite girl, Keri Pinckard. Despite being married for many years, their love is still burning strong as they go out on candlelight dinner and post spicy pictures in a hot tub.

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They are the joint parents of two toddlers who frequently visit his Instagram. As their parents never miss a football game for their children, the family is quite close-knit.


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