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The best established Adam Schlesinger wrote and co-produced the title song to That Thing You Do!. With Ice Age he wrote “Master Of The Seas”: Continental Drift recorded by Jennifer Lopez, Peter Dinklage and others. He composed and recorded three musical and lyrical songs. He also composed “Stacy’s Mom.” Schlesinger died at the age of 52 on 1 April 2020 from problems in health caused by COVID-19. This article is mostly about Adam Schlesinger wife, Adam Schlesinger net worth and his successful career.

Adam was a founding member of the Wayne, Ivy, and Tinted Windows band Fountains. He is a key songwriter and producer for the synth- duo Fever High, based in Brooklyn. But according to TMZ news, Adam Schlesinger girlfriend reported about his death to the media.

death of Adam Schlesinger due to COVID19

On April 1, 2020, Schlesinger died as a result of health problems caused by COVID-19 in a hospital in Poughkeepsie, New York, at the age of 52, in the midst of a state disease pandemic. He had been hospitalized two weeks before his death and was put on a ventilator. As Adam Schlesinger wife Katherine Michel reported

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Adam Schlesinger wiki

Adam Schlesinger was born in New York City on 31 October 1967. Schlesinger grew up in a musically backgrounded family and learned to play piano at age 5. He was born in Manhattan and Montclair, New Jersey where he performed in high school bands all his years. He attended Massachusetts ‘Williams College where he met Chris Collingwood whom he would join years later in founding Wayne’s band Fountains.

Adam posted this photo on mother day.

From Adam Schlesinger wiki, he had previously played bass in the experimental pop group Ivy while also writing tracks for tv shows and advertisements. He also composed his best known work during this period, the title track for the Tom Hanks movie “The Thing You Do.” This won him a Best Original Song nomination for an Academy award. Schlesinger also plays bass as a musician, songwriter and performer for both Ivy and Wayne Fountains while continuing to work on other projects. He has worked alongside Rachel Bloom, Jack Dolgen and Steven M. Gold as the Executive Music Producer on “Mad Ex-Girlfriend” for four years.

Career and success of Schlesinger

Including singing, Schlesinger also played bass for Wayne’s Fountains, while Chris Collingwood also played as a lead guitarist and sang music, as noted in the times. Schlesinger and Collingwood had met at Williams College as a student, published Vanity Fair.
They became out with their greatest hit in 2003, entitled “Stacy’s Mother.” At its peak, the album reached No.21 on the Hot 100 Chart by Billboard. It’s a famous pop track about a youthful boy lusting for the beautiful mother of his friend. The risqué music video has illustrated Supermodel Rachel Hunter.

Schlesinger shared in an interview with MTV in 2003 what inspired him to write the song. “When we were maybe at 11 or 12, one of my best friends came to me and mentioned that he thought my grandmother was hot,” he described. “And I said, ‘Oh, you’re going across the edge,’ but I wouldn’t put it past anyone at that point in time.”

He continued to compose for television, film and stage alongside his band membership and composed the music for the movie “Right in the heart-a song for you.” The 2008 premiere of the musical Cry Baby, for which Adam worked on the music, while David Javerbaum wrote the text and both were nominated for the Tony Award. He wrote and performed in so many songs during his entire career which spanned more than 25 years. Adam won about 10 nominations for the hit film “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” which includes five alone.

Adam Schlesinger net worth can be estimated $2 million

From his professional life, Adam collected huge fans and fame from his musical life. And for that, his wife also supported him. From Schlesinger net worth, he was living simple life after his breakup, Adam Schlesinger wife Katherine Michel was settled separated. There were no news of settlement from Adam to her.

According to the Instagram post of Adam, he had his car, “Mazda” and his house. Beside that, he was living a simple life like an ordinary American who works daily and got clubs at evening.

It was not out the accurate amount of his earnings and savings. But from his lifestyle, Adam Schlesinger net worth can be estimated $2 million.

Schlesinger wife Katherine Michel divorced, their married was ended in 2013.

Adam Schlesinger wife Katherine Michel, is a graphic designer and graduate of Yale, on 30 January 1999. Both met at WXOU Radio Bar in 1996, a bar that Schlesinger used to frequent with co-founder Chris Collingwood of Fountains of Wayne while the band was forming. They separated in 2013. Sadie and Claire have two children, Schlesinger and Michel.

 Adam Schlesinger wife Katherine Michel
Katherine Michel and Schlesinger

He was a cool buddy and used to active on Instagram. Adam shared almost everything what he do in daily life. But from his Instagram gallery, there were no any photos of his children. It simply means, they were living with her mother.

In September 1996 Katherine Michel and Schlesinger met at WXOU Radio Bar in Manhattan. Schlesinger frequented the bar with Wayne founder Chris Collingwood’s Fellow Fountains.

The second date of the couple was a trip to the 1997 Academy Awards, after Schlesinger was nominated for his hit, “The You Thing Do,” from the same title Tom Hanks movie.

Awards and nominations

Adam Schlesinger awards and nominations
Adam Schlesinger awards

Grammy 2010: Best Comedy Album (A Christmas Colbert: The Biggest Gift of All!) At the 65th Annual Tony Awards 2011,

Emmy 2012: Award for Outstanding Music and Poetry for It’s Not Just For Gays Anymore.

Emmy 2013: Emmy for Outstanding Music and Poetry for If I Had Time, singing at the 2012 Tony 66th Annual Awards.

Are We Not a Big Deal in Mad Ex-Girlfriend Won Emmy Award 2019 for Outstanding Music and Poetry for Anti-Depressants.

Television shows by Adam

Year ShowsPosition Number of episodes
1996The Dana Carvey Show Composer6
1996 – 1998Saturday Night LiveComposer3
1998The Howard Stern ShowComposer6
1998David Blaine: Magic ManComposerdocumentary
2002In-Laws (TV Series)composer2
2005Howard Stern (TV Series)composer1
2005My Kind of Town (TV series)composer4
2005Too Late with Adam Carollacomposer27 episodes
2006Saturday Night !ive: The Best of Saturday TV Funhouse (TV Special)composerTV Special
2002 – 2007Crank Yankerscomposer72 episodes
2008“A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All!”ComposerTV Movie
2008“Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert for Autism Education”ComposerTV Movie
2010 – 2011“T.U.F.F. Puppy”Composer6 episodes
2011“Damsels in Distress”music producerMovie

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