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So, Alexandra Daddario has fixed her relationship issue after dating several stars?

Their relationship, first linked to fellow cast member Logan Lerman from the Percy Jackson show, received quite the publicity. Sharing a romantic tension between their characters somewhat onscreen, a real-life courtship was likely to make fans go mad. The duo was even engaged in 2016. Things didn’t turn out though, and the two ways split. And the question raised, who is the Alexandra Daddario boyfriend?

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American actress Alexandra Daddario wanted to pursue the entertainment industry from a very young age, but from the romance-mystery “All My Children” she got a chance to show off her talents at the age of 16.

For her role in the movie Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief in 2010, and for her role in San Andreas in 2015, she was nominated for the ‘Teen Choice Award’. She was also nominee for her role in Texas Chainsaw 3D for ‘MTV Movies Awards’ in 2013.

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Relationship list up until now

In 2016, Alexandra was engaged with her co-star Logan Lerman in Percy Jackson. Yet the partnership did not last long, and the different directions they agreed to go. The explanation why they have separated is a mystery to date.

She’d been rumored to be dating her Baywatch co-star Zac Efron in May 2017. She stated however that the two of them are nothing more than good friends.

Alexandra Daddario relationship
Alexandra Daddario relationships.

Fans also speculated that Zac and Daddario are in real-life relationship as well. Alexandra rubbed the rumors by asking E! :

“We work together closely; he’s my love interest in the film. I understand why people would go crazy over something like that, but Zac and I are very good friends.”

Alexander dating ex-boyfriend Brendan Wallace of Emma Watson

Her love life was mysterious for a specified time, after rumors with Zac. As of 2019, however, she is dating ex-boyfriend Brendan Wallace of Emma Watson. Her boyfriend is a fifth wall ventures entrepreneur and managing partner.

Alexander dating boyfriend Brendan Wallace
Alexander and her boyfriend Brendan Wallace. source: CelebsFirst

As of April 2019 the pair started to be seen together. They’ve also been spending quality time on their July 2019 holiday in Italy, Rome. At last the glamorous actress could have found her knight in the silver linings. Although she was once engaged, it was never recorded that Alexandra got married or ever had a husband.

From 2006 to 2009 she was also part of a relationship with American actor and screenwriter Jason Fuchs. Also in 2011 she was linked to American rapper, actor and songwriter Trey Songz but never confirmed the rumors.

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who was Alexandra Daddario boyfriend Logan Wade Lerman?

Alexandra ex-boyfriend Logan Wade Lerman
Alexandra ex-boyfriend Logan Wade Lerman. source: TheNetline

Birth on January 19, 1992, Logan Wade Lerman is an American actor known for playing the title role in Percy Jackson’s fantasy-adventure films. In the mid-1990s he appeared in advertisements, before appearing in the show Jack & Bobby (2004–2005) and the films The Butterfly Effect (2004) and Hoot (2006). To Yuma, the thriller The Number 23, the comedy Meet Bill, and 2009’s Gamer and My One and Only, Lerman received more recognition for his roles in the western 3:10.

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