Michelle Payne Bio, Family, Brothers, Movie, injury, Net Worth

Michelle Payne Biography, Family, Brothers, Movie, Melbourne Cup, injury, Net Worth

Michelle placed on a four-year-old horse. Her dream was to win the Melbourne Cup at the age of five. She was the first female jockey to win the Cup when she was thirty years old. Her brother, Stevie, was her strapper. Who is the prince Charles of Michelle? Means who is Michelle boyfriend from 2017?

The nation stood up and cheered when she declared that anyone who said women could not compete with men in the racing industry could’ get stuffed.’It was a moment that inspired anyone dreaming of beating the odds.

“In life, there are great people who inspire you to keep going and get through difficult times. I was blessed in my life to have such role models. It would be a privilege to inspire the next generation to achieve my dream.”

Movie on Michelle Payne ‘RIDE LIKE A GIRL‘ released with big opening…


RIDE LIKE A GIRL‘ is the directorial debut of renowned Australian actor Rachel Griffiths and is the true story of Michelle Payne; an Australian champion; the first woman to win the Melbourne Cup. It is also the story of Paddy Payne’s extraordinary Australian family who raised ten young children in rural Victoria as a single father. It stars Teresa Palmer alongside Sam Neill, Michelle Payne, Sullivan Stapleton, Magda Szubanski and Stevie Payne, the brother of Michelle who plays himself in the movie.

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But the movie ‘Ride Like a Girl‘ went on trouble after the release.

Animal activists have stormed a film’s world premiere depicting Michelle Payne’s life, calling for an end to what it labels the “cruel” practices of the horse racing industry.

Ride Like A Girl‘ is billed as the true story of Michelle Payne, the first woman jockey to win the Melbourne Cup, starring Teresa Palmer and Sam Neill.

The film has raised the ire of the activist group Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses, with protesters rallying at the Jam Factory in South Yarra on Sunday outside the debut screening of ‘Ride Like A Girl.’

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Michelle Payne at Melbourne Cup

In 2015, as she rode the winning horse in two races at the Melbourne Cup carnival at the Flemington Racecourse, she gained national attention. The Hilton Hotels Stakes was one of them, and the difference was also the Melbourne Cup itself. Payne said she was “floating in the cloud, and it’s a pleasant feeling.”

On November 3, 2015, Payne won the Melbourne Cup riding Prince of Penzance, a six-year-old gelding she had a long-term association with.

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Suffered abdominal injury in 2016

In 2016, in an excessive race fall at Mildura, the 34-year-old Payne suffered severe abdominal injuries. She underwent immediate surgery with surgeons saving the organ for a torn duct gland. Otherwise, she would develop diabetes. In September 2016, Michelle returned to the sport; tho’ noted that her future goals included a move from being a jockey to becoming a trainer.

What is the Net worth of Payne?

Michelle is living a luxury life from  her net worth and earnings
Michelle is living a luxury life from her net worth and earnings. Credit:Dailytelegraph

 Payne has enjoyed phenomenal success over the past 15 years, winning multiple groups one races and prize money, net worth of Payne can be estimated of $28 m till 2020. A factor in her success was her partnership with Darren Weir, who lobbied for her to retain her ride in this year’s Melbourne Cup despite some owners grumbling.

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Michelle Payne is in relationship?

Michelle is now 34 years old and admits that her love life has been tricky to date, revealing that she hopes very soon to find someone special.

Michelle  Payne boyfriend  Gerard Pardon ....
Michelle and her partner kissing in 2017 Australia Open
Michelle and her partner kissing in 2017 Australia Open … Credit: Dailytelegraph

“I’m still looking, and my older sisters are getting a little bit worried because they’re like, you’re getting older now and you want to have kids, perhaps you’re too picky… Go back to some of my former boyfriends, maybe you’re just a little tough on them.”

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 But in 2017 Australia Open, she was with her partner and found kissing each other on the live match. But Michelle’s boyfriend Gerard Pardon is not known to her fans that who is he and what he do for living.

Bio of Michelle Payne, Family, Brothers

Michelle Payne entered the race at the age of 15 and won her first race on Reigning in Ballarat, a horse trained by her father. Michelle became the first female jockey on the local one-hundred-to – one horse, Prince of Penzance, trained by Darren Weir and strapped by her brother Stevie, to win the Melbourne Cup in 2015.

Michelle Payne  brother Stevie Payne

Born on September 29, 1985, Michelle is Paddy and Mary Payne’s youngest child and youngest daughter. At Miners Rest, a town near Ballarat in central Victoria, Australia, Payne grew up on a farm.

Michelle was six months old, the youngest of eleven children, when her mother, Mary, was hit by the family’s tragic death. A renowned horseman, their father, Paddy, raised his children alone. As a family, the daily demands of racehorses and a dairy farm, as well as school and work, were taken on by everyone. Family meant all.

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