Elizabeth Vargas Husband, Divorce, Children, Net Worth, Rehab

Elizabeth Vargas Husband, Divorce, Children, Net Worth, Rehab, Book

Elizabeth Vargas is an author and also the leading investigative reporter / documentary host for A&E Networks, an American news reporter. After being an anchor of ABC’s 20/20 television news magazine and ABC News broadcasts for the previous 14 years, she started her fresh role on May 28, 2018.

1.7 m height Vargas published her memoir(book) Between Breaths: A Panic and Addiction Memoir in 2016. It released on 13 September by Grand Central Publishing and became an immediate New York Times and USA Today best-seller. Her net worth is grabbing the dollars from selling books and income as a reporter. After her divorce, she is single now and staying with children.

Net Worth of Elizabeth Vargas

Elizabeth’s net worth is projected at around a huge $7 million, based on the recent source inquiry. Where her source of income as a correspondent of ABC is nearly $80k annually.  It can be presumed that Elizabeth’s monstrous net worth has accumulated from her wage at ABC. While studying as a reporter and anchor for NBC affiliate KOMU-TV at the University of Missouri in Columbia, where she holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism, she first entered noticeable job on her debut. After being employed on WBBM-TV, a CBS station in Chicago, where she lived for four years from 1989-1993, Elizabeth’s exceptional career then got significant flight.

She was recruited as a correspondent for the series “Dateline NBC” by NBC News after abandoning CBS. This article gave her a big kick-start and subsequently she became a “Today” sub anchor. At “Good Morning America” in 1996, she became a newsreader. She was appointed “WNT Saturday” host a year later, followed by “WNT Sunday” in 2003.

Working for “Good Morning America” for six years offered her extensive knowledge as she was appointed “20/20” presenter in 2004. She did a tale about “The Da Vinci Code,” which gave rise to a sensible domestic religious debate. After the murder of Phil Jennings, she was named co-anchor of “World News Tonight” and announced her exit from “WNT” a year ago. After joining in 2006, she is presently hosting news magazine series “20/20.” In 1999, Elizabeth won an Emmy Award for covering the story of Elián González and was previously nominated once.

Relationship goal of Eliza beth with Marc Cohn

 Elizabeth Anne Vargas met her ex-husband Marc Cohn in 1999 and linked the knot on 20 July 2002.  The biggest issue, recognized in married life, is the alcohol addiction of Elizabeth.

Vargas claims that co-parenting their sons Sam, 13, and Zach, 16, is her connection with Cohen.

“Because of these two incredible boys, we both enjoy our kids and we will be in each other’s life for the remainder of our life,” she tells. “I believe we’re both focusing on that.” In an interview in December 2016, Elizabeth opened up her divorce with her ex-husband, singer Marc Cohn.

Elizabeth Vargas disclosed that Marc Cohn, ex-husband left her just days after she finished her rehab’s fifth relapse in 2014. And again, going through the hard moments, she said, “It was extremely hard, I believe anyone can guess what it feels like.” Without her understanding, Elizabeth’s spouse submitted for divorce and even recruited a divorce attorney while she was abroad for therapy.

Elizabeth Vargas’ Alcohol Problem, Kids, Rehabilitation

In an interview in August 2014, Alcohol Elizabeth admitted she was an alcoholic and it took years for her to acknowledge that. Her married life and kids also impaired by her alcohol addiction.

“As so many other recovering alcoholics understand, it can be a lengthy and extremely hard method to overcome the disease, I think I’ve let myself down, my colleagues and most importantly my friends, and I’m embarrassed and sorry for that.”

Moreover, Elizabeth used to have panic attacks as a kid, and the alternative she chose to cope with was smoking.

Elizabeth’s drinking problem behind her divorce with her husband Marc

“By beginning to drink, I addressed that anxiety and the stress that the anxiety caused,” Elizabeth spent several weeks at the rehabilitation center in autumn 2013 and moved on to treat alcoholism in August 2014.

57 years old Elizabeth had to cope with another trouble in her lives that was the divorce while coping with her alcohol addiction.

In August 2016, the news of Elizabeth and Marc’s divorce appeared in the press and according to the source of individuals, “Marc and Elizabeth are in divorce trials, the children are with him in New York as she wants treatment.” Both Marc and Elizabeth verified their divorce. Elizabeth said it was essential for her to stay healthy and face her issues one by one. Similarly, Marc expanded his assistance to Elizabeth by the award-winning singer-songwriter Grammy.

Short Biography of Elizabeth Vargas, Parents

 Vargas was born to a Puerto Rican-American father, Rafael “Ralf” Vargas, a U.S. colonel, on September 6, 1962 in Paterson, New Jersey. Army, and Anne Vargas, an Irish-American mom. She spent her adolescence traveling in Germany and Belgium from post to post. Vargas graduated from the University of Missouri in Columbia with a Bachelor of Journalism degree, where she created her debut broadcast as a reporter / anchor for KOMU-TV, the school-owned affiliate of NBC.


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